Why Voice of OC Deserves Your Support

For nearly five years, our team of reporters and editors has worked tirelessly to shed light on fraud, waste and abuse across Orange County. And we’ve done it during a time when other local media have continued to retrench and devote fewer resources to accountability journalism, making what we do more valuable to our democracy than ever. Here are just a few examples of the important work we’ve done in 2014:
Our probe into a controversial property swap by Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido triggered local, state and federal investigations this year. A city report – made public only under the threat of a lawsuit by Voice of OC – detailed the potential for felony charges against the 11-term Mayor. In the case of convicted mass murderer Scott Evans Dekraai, our in-depthreporting on the use of jailhouse informants by the District Attorney’s office shed light on prosecutorial misconduct that violated prisoners’ right to due process. In one instance, lapses by the DA resulted in the release of a man facing two murder charges.