• astar2b

    Go get ’em, DA Chief of Staff…

  • Roderick Powell

    Nice reporting! It is not rocket science to see that stuff happened that was shady. Bruce Broadwater exhibited his true morals and “gangster” side throughout this. Bruce Broadwater I feel, has been laughing at us citizens of Garden Grove for a long time. Harbor Blvd. a legacy, no way. Bruce Broadwater’s legacy is unfolding. I believe when the truth is proven, Bruce Broadwater’s legacy will be as a man who took advantage of his position because he believed he could without getting caught. He should be remembered as a man who controlled who was on this city council for 2 decades. The reason this city has not progressed more is because of that. Let it be made clear that Bruce Broadwater and Matt Fertal clearly participated in this nepotism scandal and its cover-up together.