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  • LFOldTimer

    You and your boys and girls have done a great job, Norberto. All you can do is report the bezzle and expose the scoundrels. That’s the most we can expect from you. You don’t have the power to change policy. The way it’s supposed to work in a normal world is that you ignite the passions of the populous and then we take care of business. But we’re living under a new paradigm today. It’s as if the people have been anestitized or are under a spell. As long as
    the big screen works and there’s a six-pack in the fridge the 90% are fat and happy. That’s fine. But we’re slowly degenerating into a 3rd world culture, socially, economically and politically. That’s clearly obvious. You’d have to be asleep not to see it. If that’s what the 90% want – well – have at it. I feel sorry for the kids but what can one person do? Complain? ha. Our parents gave us a life better than their own. They sacrificed to make that happen. And then we turn out backs on the younger generations and make them debt slaves so that we can live high on the hog. I guess that’s why they called us the “Me Generation”. Boy, that term sure nailed it, eh? But thanks for all you’ve done, Norberto. I’ll send in a cash donation.