• Jacki Livingston

    Good luck, sweets. When I left the County SSA, the court order, done in front of a judge who has a close personal and financial relationship with Todd Spitzer, assigned to the case by Spitzer’s wife, ordered the County HR to give neutral recommendations or positive ones, nothing negative. So far, I have applied with thirty employers, and each one that I completed interviews with has alluded to the same reason for not hiring me…the County giving a negative reference. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that if I were to go and file a complaint with the state, the County would deny it. Thank goodness for tape recorders, eh? Bottom line is this, once you catch any political entity with their hands in the cookie jar, and you have evidence of any wrongdoing, especially financial, they will destroy you, with fake write ups (check), threats and physical assault (check) and ultimately with the complete destruction of your professional reputation and career. Make that money last, girlfriend, because no one will hire you. No one will touch you. Even the most penny ante entry level job will refuse you, after the city HR department gets through with you. Just be glad you don’t have to deal with Danley’s Dogs or Spitzer’s League of Women. Both are impossible.

  • Ed Romero

    I congratulate her. I’m glad someone is Orange County was finally able to expose wrong doing in the work place. When I was employed by the County of Orange/Probation Department, I complained about our Deputy Sheriff/Security Guard that use to report to work so DRUNK he could barely stand up and he continued drinking all night long, his former Boss sent me a message via my Office Manager that it was NONE OF BUSINESS what his Deputies do. We was finally arrested after leaving his Gun, Mace and Nightstick on his desk while he was in the Bathroom singing some song, he was arrested that night. His replacement wasn’t a drunk but he couldn’t get enough of our Female Clerks, 3 that I know of. We got rid of him and his replacement began doing the same exact thing. Then there was all the Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking, Cocaine Snorting by so many of those dirty crooks that ran our Department. Then we had a Deputy Probation Officer arrested 5 times for Marijuana for Sale (felonies), then we had another Deputy Probation Officer arrested 5 times for Drunk Driving, all they had to do was make a Drug Delivery to that dirty corrupt Asst. Chief Probation in a Brown Paper Lunch Bag and all was forgiven. Then there was that Deputy Probation Officer that set the building on Fire, which cost the O C Taxpayers a Millions Dollars, she also made a false 911 Call and should of been FIRED, all she had to do was go visit Big Betty and all was OK. The my last Office Manager and her Asst. reporting to work so Drunk that both of them REEKED of Vomit, Cheap Booze and even Cheap Perfume. Finally there was that incident where our CEO and his Asst. were coaching my former Office Manager how to commit PERJURY, just look the Judge in the eyes, deny it, deny it, deny it, they will believe us and not her. So you see I had a lot to work with in Court but I could never obtain an Attorney, you see the Sheriff and Probation were following me to every Attorney that I visited, a former co-worked advised of that and I quote “they will never allow you expose all their Dirty Deeds”. I almost forgot something I was POISONED 4 TIMES while attending Luncheon’s or Birthday Parties, the last POISONING was at a Christmas Party one of my co-worked walked up to me and said “don’t eat that food”, I should of listened to her, but the end results is that I was correct about being poisoned because after my Doctor Visit I reported to work and these 2 Supervisor’s were high Five-ing each other and one said “that will teach him not to be fighting with us”. Hope someday to be able to say to all of you “I finally got all these dirty GOP crooks in Court.