Supervisors Increase Top Pay for County Executives

Orange County Supervisors Tuesday approved a 2.75 percent increase to the salary range for executive employees, pushing top executive salaries at the county to over $250,000.

Supervisors voted 4-1, with Andrew Do voting no, to authorize the salary increase for executive management, executive aides and executive assistants, effective in their next pay period following the vote.

Executive management would be eligible for a maximum hourly rate of $121.35 and or $252,408 annual salary if they have outstanding performance. That compares with the maximum compensation in 2008 of $118.10 an hour or $245,648 annually.

Executive aides and assistants will be eligible for a maximum hourly rate of $62.26 or $129,500.80 annually. In 2008, the maximum compensation was $60.59 an hour or $126,027.60 annually.

The hiring of executive aides at the county, which are widely seen as political appointments, has generated controversy in recent years. A year ago, supervisors voted to increase the number of executive aides, which added $365,000 to the budget.

The vote is not a guaranteed raise and all salary increases must be approved by county CEO Frank Kim.

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  • Paul Lucas


  • Rene Salinas

    When you succeed in increasing the salary of your direct reports, then down the line it becomes easier to argue that your salary should be increased since you are the boss. Common trick, and the public is none the wiser. Smoke and mirrors once again.

  • LFOldTimer

    Gee, a spending frenzy in County government. Big contract increases for OCEA and AOCDS. New dog shelter in Tustin. Plans for a 1/2 billion dollar Civic Plaza renovation. And now a fat pay increase for County managers. Naturally Do voted “no” for the executive management salary increase, only because he’s up for reelection and has to fake being fiscally responsible. Otherwise the vote would have been unanimous. If any of these clowns try to convince you that they’re fiscal conservatives laugh in their faces. Don’t trust any of them.
    So what’s going to happen when the economy goes south and home values get cut in half and all the revenue dries up? They can’t walk any of these contracts back and the taxpayers will get caught holding the empty bag. But none of these people can see any further in advance than the tips of their noses. It’s all about political expedience. “I will give you everything you want. The heck with fiscal solvency. I’m nothing more than a spendthrift liberal in conservative clothing. I love to spend other people’s money. Just make sure you vote for me so I can make a career of politics and continue to do irreparable harm to our society.”

    • David Zenger

      It’s always this way. When revenue rolls in it gets sucked up while the band plays the same old tune: look how we suffered through the recession – as if everybody else hadn’t suffered – a lot worse.

      • LFOldTimer

        Exactly. Back in 2009 in the heat of the meltdown AOCDS was crying because they didn’t get a pay increase while millions in the private sector were forced to take part-time jobs, took huge cuts in salaries and benefits or were simply fired. The kings and queens of government live in a protected cocoon.