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  • Cynthia Ward

    uh….oops. Talk about bad timing….


    Brandman, who supports hiring new police officers, said the city is on the right track, citing the establishment of a police advisory board and hiring of a new police chief.

    “I’m very proud of leading the effort to hire a progressive police chief…can we do better, to make sure no lives are ever lost? Of course we can, we can always do better,” said Brandman at a recent forum sponsored by the Islamic Society of Orange County. “Community policing is coming back and the community is being included.”

    • Paul Lucas

      Take foot out of mouth and insert into backside.

  • RyanCantor

    “. . .And that is what we have been delivering…since the day I took office in December 2012, this council’s philosophy has become much more progressive in providing for resident needs.”

    Agreed. This council has been much MUCH more progressive in providing for developer’s needs since Jordan Brandman took office. Before he took office it was just a few million. Now it’s a few billion.

    Oh, wait. He said residents’ needs. Oops. That’s clearly a mistake. Disney is not a resident.

  • Cynthia Ward

    Oh…and then there is the “rules don’t apply to me” mentality of Brandman. As Mr. Zenger mentioned below, Brandman dropped his County job to become a “business owner” on the campaign statement, failing to mention his only “client” was the SAME County office he had just been working for, and of course the $25K report he has KEPT the money for. That same “mine don’t stink” attitude came across loud and clear this weekend as his pals at the Fire unions rode around in a vintage/retired fire truck, promoting Brandman’s candidacy by RUNNING THE SIREN up and down our City streets, literally “alarming” the residents who wondered about some emergency as the siren had a slightly different tone than the usual fire truck on a call. but was certainly an emergency alert of some kind. Emails and phone calls have been bouncing like crazy in central Anaheim with people pissed off at this stunt on our City streets. When the union guys take a decommissioned vehicle out for campaign purposes that is their right but they have NO RIGHT to the emergency siren on public streets when not responding to an emergency. And some have reported they believe BRANDMAN was ON the truck waving at people…I did not see it, only saw the union guys, but Jordan should know better and frankly the union guys should know better.

    More of the same. Rules are for “little people.”

    • Paul Lucas

      I never understood why he wasn’t made to give back that 25k.

  • Cynthia Ward

    Just a minor detail, Nelson ran in 2010 but did not run again in 2012.

    Brandman is so full of it. This Council allocated NOT ONE PENNY for capital improvements from the General Fund in the 2016-17 budget. And the funds for improvements last year were the result of borrowing “surplus” on the Convention Center bonds. They tapped the home equity to pay the light bill. If we cannot fund neighborhood improvements in a time of economic recovery, how are we going to keep up with the next downturn? The 3-member Council majority acts like short-timers who don’t care about the long range plan for Anaheim’s future.

    Within easy walking distance of Brandman’s home is Pearson Park, the 1920s era crown jewel of “the Colony” where many of us put in considerable time as volunteers to keep it clean (despite the efforts of visitors to blanket the 19 acres in half-eaten chicken parts and snack wrappers) but the sidewalks surrounding the park perimeter are being repaired with BLACKTOP, which is then painted gray to “blend” *cough*sputter* with the adjacent cement.

    Our Police force is down to per-capita levels equal to STOCKTON, a city that is functionally bankrupt. And despite the Council’s “4 in 40” effort to hire new cops, they don’t seem to have found their way onto the streets in significant numbers, making me wonder how many of them are on Resort duty or other special duty like the Chief’s special posse I hear about. What has Brandman done in his first term to make Anaheim a better place? What initiatives and programs has he put his name on so far?

    He was the instigator and mastermind of the STR nightmare that conveyed upon out-of-town business owners a LAND RIGHT to conduct highly disruptive, high impact businesses in residential areas, skipping the usual and customary steps of review by Planning Commission, notification of surrounding property owners or tenants that a de facto zone change would be made immediately adjacent to their own homes, putting full time tourists within FEET of the bedroom windows of those who had to go to work in the morning. Because of the incompetent and negligent manner in which this land use right was conveyed (instead of a “conditional use” that could be supervised and rescinded as needed) it will now cost the taxpayers of Anaheim MILLIONS to get out from under this mess, millions WE DON’T HAVE because Brandman’s special interest buddies siphon increasing amounts off of our General Fund with numbers set to increase over time. Go team.

    Oh yes-Brandman did author the “sales tax rebate” for car lots, kicking back a percentage of the sales tax to car dealers willing to open or expand in Anaheim. This was under the guise of having “lost” car dealers during the recession, but nobody bothered to calculate how many of those dealerships were lost when their franchises/dealer agreements were yanked by the big corporate office that destroyed livelihoods and family businesses, so how did we “incentivize” anything other than donations to Brandman’s campaign coffers? Oh, speaking of which, has anyone looked to see the swap out of his Congressional funds into Council accounts?

    …and of course the hotel “incentives.” The 1996 Disney agreements when taxpayers were forced to underwrite Disney’s prior expansion (under the leadership of Brandman mentor Daly) ALREADY OBLIGATES DISNEY TO BUILD ANOTHER HOTEL, dictates WHERE on the property it is to be built, and to what standard (shocker, it is a 4 star standard) so we gave them the inventive to build what they are already legally obligated to build and have already been greatly financially rewarded in advance.

    Brandman claims a big “win” for the building trades getting a PLA, but the trades are often from outside of Anaheim and these are also temp jobs without long term impact (and Anaheim residents are sick to death of seeing the trades line up to demand WE go into hock so THEY can have jobs. When did Anaheim become obligated to supply subsidized employment to the entire region?) Meanwhile the jobs for actual ANAHEIM RESIDENTS with long range impacts to the economic health, and quality of life of our community, go to the permanent hotel workers, who were left out in the cold when it came time to make a deal with the hoteliers. Many of us were floored to hear Kris Murray cavalierly dismiss Unite Here for not “getting to the table” when she claims they had 6 months’ advance notice. Funny, the taxpayers of Anaheim who will be watching our General Fund drain of needed resources for decades to come were only given DAYS of notice.

    The NUMBER ONE THING we can do to rescue the quality of life in Anaheim is to STOP our hyper-focus on poverty wage jobs in the Resort, and start building strong families, strong neighborhoods, and strong career tracks so that the entire community benefits together. Right now the high tide only lifts the Storybook Canal boats. God forbid Brandman and his cohorts consider the needs of anyone who has NOT written them a check.

    Yes we can build low rent housing for the poverty-wage employment base, but how about we build our most precious and natural resource of PEOPLE by educating and supporting them so that we can invite employers seeking skilled laborers (in extreme demand) and offer them a workforce we KNOW is willing to work harder than any of our cubicle-dwelling butts will work, and need only the skill set and an opportunity to move up to a paycheck that lets them afford rent? I am tired of leaders who offer only the options that assume anyone living in poverty will always remain in poverty and we must tailor our community to that lowest common denominator. Once upon a time Anaheim had multiple tiers of business opportunities that let residents work up and into better lifestyles. If tourism lacks the indentured servitude of workers trapped without options for upward mobility (a deliberate action of the current Council majority) they might have to begin picking up more of the tab for their own cost of production by paying people who refuse to work for less because they have other choices. What a concept.

    But it starts with getting rid of 3 Council members who foolishly believe Anaheim is a well run City with funds to spare for subsidizing their friends in selected industries, or their photo ops with public safety staff and Olympians for the next campaign brochure for their next elected office. They believe WE are as misguided as they are, and we don’t see the blacktop packed into our sidewalks (when they get attention AT ALL) and it is time for NEW LEADERSHIP at City Hall. B-bye Jordan…go home to Orange and see if they will buy the KoolAid you are trying to sell here. Anaheim is poor, but we are far from stupid.

  • David Zenger

    You forgot to mention the plagiarized $25,000 report Brandman turned in to the Clerk-Recorder, a “job” given to him as a political sop by his pal Tom Daly. This is all too typical of the moral caliber of Brandman and his backers.


    • Paul Lucas


  • David Zenger

    “What they’re doing is taking future revenue that could go to neighborhoods, and giving it back to the developers that would have built something anyway, if there was a market for it,” Nelson said.

    Well said. Perfectly succinct.