• Luis Mauras – USMC Veteran

    I’m being bias obviously; however, how about giving an opportunity to a breath of fresh air to someone that has grown up within the city of Santa Ana, has established roots within the city, lives with his family in the city, is Latino and understands the Latino community. My son Joshua Mauras genuinely cares and wants to give back to his community. He can and will make a difference. Luis Mauras – USMC Veteran

  • Paul Lucas

    jose will win because of so many candidates

    • Juan-R-Perales

      If he wins, it is because he’s first on the ballot. Voters know Pulido, Sanchez & Correa. Solorio is unknown to most voters & for good reason. He stands for nothing & Does nothing except look out for Jose.

  • LFOldTimer

    Based on all we know about Solorio – records that go back for years – if the voters elect Jose to the SA council it will simply strengthen my notion that SA is the lost, clueless city of OC without hope.

    Prove me wrong, SA voters!

    • Rivett

      SA. And Anaheim. And Fullerton. And HB. And CM. And…

  • mutheta

    Solorio also served on the Rancho Community College Board. It’s no secret about the mess there.

  • Juan-R-Perales

    Insiders know Jose; most voters do not. But, I wish they did know him as the ineffective assemblyman who never held a leadership post or as the previous Ward 1 councilman who routinely missed meetings & was ineffective.