• Austin Lynch

    Congratulations to the Union hotel workers who played a big part in this tremendous victory. Housekeepers, cooks, bellmen, many of whom work two jobs, volunteered their precious free time to knock doors all over District 3 because they believe in Jose Moreno and wanted to share that with the community, and I think they made a big difference. Congratulations Jose; congratulations to the people of Anaheim. It really was past time.

  • Cynthia Ward

    I understand District 1 is a done deal as well, I believe the City Clerk already contacted Denise Barnes to that effect.

    While we all assume the Council majority will unite with Tait in shared vision, I don’t know that this will always be the case, and that is OK. We have seen Vanderbilt definitely be his own man and at times take a position opposite the Mayor, and certainly there will be those occasions when others on the new majority will as well. I welcome the day we have animated discussion of various positions based on real information and facts and not simply a predetermined outcome absent reason or common sense with the idea that they have enough votes and we can do nothing about it. The ONLY thing we all wanted was leaders who think first and foremost of the best interest of the citizens of Anaheim and are NOT swayed by the patronage system that has come to corrupt what was once known as “the Anaheim way.”

    Yes we are stuck with Lucille (thanks to Joe Moreno and some Dem insiders who blew it for Arturo) but at least she is the “gift that keeps on giving” by opening her yap and telegraphing what they are up to. And for all the talk of Steve Faessel being bought off by the Kleptocracy, I pray he will be reasonable and see both sides of the arguments, and consider throwing in with the Mayor’s views when they can find common ground. If anything we know he is less likely to simply dig in his heels simply because he wants to be a jerk about it. So I will take that, it is better odds than the citizens of Anaheim have had for a decade and a half now.

    Anaheim has a chance to undo some damage and brace ourselves to face what cannot be undone, and if we did not regain the majority we were going to keep digging that hole deeper until we would never get out of it.
    Congrats Anaheim. Districts have now proven that shoe leather and grass roots passion CAN overcome the money of AT LARGE monopolies (and biggest credit to the God of impossible odds!) We have been given a truly representative government, may we all now endeavor to KEEP it.

    • RyanCantor

      Don’t agree on policy? GREAT! Let’s talk about it.

      Not spending 85% of council’s time exploring every possible extraction of corporate welfare . . . errrrr economic development? That’s pretty priceless.

      Congrats on electing community, not corporate, representation.

      Also, 60% of voters didn’t vote for multi-time incumbent Lucille Kring. Think about that.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Anaheim Way. Flashback. Family Foursome. Tom Liegler. Gene Autry. Great memories. ?

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  • loudchapina

    Congratulations Dr. Moreno! The citizens of Anaheim welcome you and are ready to fight alongside of you against Disney and Pringle.