Honda Center Management Company Gets ARTIC Ad Deal

The company that manages the Honda Center will get exclusive rights to sell advertisements on two electronic billboards in front of Anaheim’s transit hub, the Anaheim Regional Transit Intermodal Center or ARTIC.

Under terms of the one-year contract with Anaheim Arena Management, the city is entitled to a minimum of $80,000 as well as a quarter of any profits above the first $120,000 the company generates in ad revenue.

The city will also get to use the billboards for 10 percent of the advertising time.

Revenue from the contract will go toward paying ARTIC’s $5.7 million annual operating expenses, according to figures from the city’s 2015-16 comprehensive annual financial report.

The city initially planned to pay for the controversial bus and train station, which cost nearly $181 million to build, with a naming rights deal, but it has yet to materialize and ARTIC has operated at a deficit since it opened in 2015.

The City Council Tuesday approved the contract unanimously and without discussion.

Anaheim originally approached Clear Channel Outdoor with a deal that required them to pay the city a minimum of $100,000 each year, but Clear Channel backed out because they did not expect to make that much in revenue, according to a staff report.

The city then lowered that threshold to $80,000, and Anaheim Arena Management was the only company that submitted a bid.

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  • Cynthia Ward

    When even those who are still championing HSR as a viable deal are saying “mothball ARTIC” you KNOW you have a loser. Natalie Meeks initially projected $800K in revenues from billboards on site. And yes, brought to you by the SAME minds that predicted 10,000 riders. Natalie Meeks RETIRED with a big fat government pension, after scoring a PLANNING AWARD for that boondoggle (the planning group that recognized that monstrosity should be ASHAMED) and her underling was sucked to the top of the toxic stew of Public Works, so we get more of the same, with different faces and name plates on the doors.

    THIS is where the problem lies (lies being the keyword) because staff has NO ACCOUNTABILITY, nor do the consultants an contractors backing their play with “studies” that provide cover for the bas ideas that get them raises and promotions for “success” but nobody ever gets fired for “failures.” Sure the whole thing is a wicked mess and fraudulent waste of tax dollars, but staff did SUCH A GOOD JOB of building this fraudulent waste of tax dollars, really, let’s hear it for OUR HARD WORKING STAFF!

    I lay the blame SOLELY on those elected leaders who pushed this, despite numerous warnings, and who after-the-fact have not held ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE for the numerous mistruths presented as some sick version of “professional recommendations.”

    I brought to the attention of the City Council the emails from Natalie Meeks that showed she cooked the books on the ridership, as she colluded with other transportation “professionals” to not only use HSR ridership as viable numbers for ARTIC, but even THEN could not make it pencil out, so went and grabbed ALL HSR riders SYSTEMWIDE, meaning they seem to be counting even those riders (fictionally) going between Northern Cal cities and not coming anywhere near Anaheim. I was ignored, and accused of “attacking” staff.

    I’ll close with this little gem from (former) Council member Gail Eastman (who also looked the other way during the ARC streetcar when she was on OCTA)

    “I’m expecting our staff to come up with a way to pay the bill,” Eastman told reporter Art Marroquin. “Our first priority was getting the building done and getting the concession leases signed.”

    No the FIRST PRIORITY is to make sure staff can do basic math before breaking ground. To fail at that FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL means anyone who was associated with this laundry list of failures needs to NOT be employed with City of Anaheim anymore because WE cannot afford it, and we BEG our new Council majority to demand due diligence that the past majority not only skipped over, but prevented citizens from engaging in when City Hall refused to do the homework before spending OUR money.

    It is NOT ENOUGH to simply say we have the new majority and can prevent future problems, because we still have the SAME senior staff pushing Agenda Items with false and misleading info to cover their own butts, and promoting themselves with bad projects. We need a full scale FORENSIC AUDIT of some of these kinky projects AND investigations into WHO KNEW WHAT AND WHEN, because not until a few heads roll out the door on Anaheim Blvd with boxes of the contents of some desks will staff STOP defrauding the taxpayers.

    • Cynthia Ward

      PS, the next time Kris Murray and Lucille Kring whine about the length of Council meetings they must endure, I want them to think about THIS project. THIS is why we CANNOT rely upon “staff recommendation” or “staff review” of issues, because senior staff has an INCENTIVE to LIE about what they put forward, as it gets them closer to their own career goals, and there is NO CONSEQUENCE even when caught doing this deliberately. So when citizens ask hard questions and the new Council majority demands answers, I don’t want to hear a peep from them, because THEY created this mess with their “call the question” behavior while they had the City by the throat.

      Or as Ryan Cantor likes to remind us, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    • LFOldTimer

      Until the council majority has the courage to call the senior staff out on refusing to promote agenda items that address and fix the underhanded behaviors of the past – nothing changes.

      If the council majority remains silent they are no better than the senior staff and are really no better than those corrupted electeds who preceded them on the council.

      Don’t let them fool you.

  • David Zenger

    It’s time for an ARTIC update.

  • RyanCantor

    “The city initially planned to pay for the controversial bus and train station, which cost nearly $181 million to build, with a naming rights deal, but it has yet to materialize and ARTIC has operated at a deficit since it opened in 2015.”

    And have 10,000 riders on day one.

    Hey– who got fired for this giant screw up?

    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    • LFOldTimer

      Fired??? ha. Don’t make me gag.

      The government jackass loser who dreamed up with this albatross has probably been promoted twice since sticking it to the taxpayers.

      Government is the only place where you can be a complete moron and look like a hero.

      The only time I’ve ever used ARTIC was for free parking when I went to The Grove to see a concert. And I had my choice of parking. The lot was almost completely empty. As I drove into the parking lot I looked inside the facility. The only person I saw was the janitor sweeping the floor.

      • David Zenger

        Get your facts straight. This is not an albatross. It is an armadillo. A glow-in-the-dark armadillo.

        Its genetic father is Curt Pringle who got it rolled into the Measure M Renewal back in 2006.

        • LFOldTimer

          I stand corrected.

          Armadillo….not Albatross.


          All I know is that the free parking is great. No idea why anybody going to The Grove or the Honda Center would pay for parking. You can work off some dinner on the walk to The Grove and sober up on the walk back.

          My personal thanks to the wizard who concocted this armadillo from the parking angle. Great service to the community outside Anaheim. I don’t take trains or busses so can’t help you out there.

          Maybe some time in the future you could turn it into another Swap Meet location. Just an idea.

          • Philmore

            We don’t even HAVE a lemon (that would have at least a FEW markets and uses) we have a financial black hole, hardly even a curiosity as such in this city (Google “Winchester Mystery House” for Anaheim’s development philosophy) or in SoCal. A certain school headquarters building in Los Angeles comes most easily to mind.

          • LFOldTimer

            Watch the county buy ARTIC from Anaheim at half price then turn it into another homeless shelter.