• Ed Romero

    I’m all for helping the Homeless but the reality is that this 100 Units will be full of Drugs in a matter of weeks if not sooner. If this Project is to be a SUCCESS they need to have Security Guards on duty 24-7.

  • Barry Kruol

    there are so many homeless in Laguna Beach, Huntington and Newport why are there no major year round permanent shelters in these areas? Irvine should build homeless shelters as well since they have massive amounts of land

  • Concerned Citizen

    And regarding the Santa Ana developments mentioned specifically in the article, this is a welcome change from that terrible AMCAL development that Sarmiento is always attempting to foist on the City to payback his former Planning Commissioner buddy Mario Turner (Talk about waste David Zenger, AMCAL receives a $2 million fee if that ever goes through). The funny thing is, that back when Sarmiento was in the Council majority, he fired a staffer who attempted to negotiate a better deal. The resulting tumult caused an RFP to be released and Meta Housing won the deal instead. Two years later, Sarmiento is in minority and seeing the AMCAl proposal fade away. Irony is, if he had let staff negotiate a better deal, the development would already be under construction. Sad 😉

    (And sad for residents. Back in 2015, staff was trying to reduce subsidy level below $5 million because the AMCAL numbers were bogus and the design was poor – before Sarmiento intervened. Now the subsidy request is up to $10 million!!! Yikes! Sarmiento’s heavy handedness cost the City $5 million, if the deal gets approved. Now that is waste Mr Zenger).

  • Concerned Citizen

    I know most people online really don’t want intelligent discussion. They tap, tap, tap away at their keyboards because it is their only outlet to be smug, rude, condescending, whatever. Anonymity means there is no consequence of being rude, ignorant, angry, dismissive. The fact they use whatever precious time they have on this planet to interact in such a fashion is either hilarious, sad or stupid depending on one’s point of view 😉

    But if you truly want demographic facts about those receiving Housing Assistance, read this CBO report:


    Some insights:

    *Only 1 in 4 families who are eligible for housing assistance receive it. In a $3 trillion federal budget, the $50 billion we spend to serve the needs of low income households is a rounding error.

    *The employment demographics of assistance are not so black and white. With LIHTC developments, the 90% employment figure holds, while with Section 8, Project based Vouchers and Public Housing it is less because the assistance is going more towards the elderly, disabled, children, veterans. Work requirements in a lot of those situations are the definition of ignorance.

    *The amount of total federal assistance received is not enough to cover most basic needs so the residents still have to make choices between paying for food/healthcare/housing, etc.

    Some insights not included in the report:

    *Most residents with housing assistance, especially in LIHTC developments, are deathly afraid of losing it. The developments are generally safer than most market rate apartments because of the amount of reporting and compliance that is done to all the various funding agencies. The waiting lists are long (see that 25% figure above) and people have to meet similar credit and, often times, more stringent occupancy requirements then market rate developments.

    This report provides an overview of a variety of studies that show the positive aspects LIHTC developments bring to both low income and high income areas:


    *Regarding the high cost of AH development, Mr. Zenger is right that there is a certain amount of waste and expense padding in AH development. However, much of the costs are based on City/State/federal requirements that add to expenses such as services, community rooms, environmental thresholds, paying prevailing wages. Also, the complexity of AH financing (when development I know used 22 different sources) means steady work for lawyers, consultants, compliance specialists, etc. Market rate developers usually have one source. Plus, they do not have to financially engineer to ensure the mortgage is as low as possible so that the debt can be serviced with low rents nor do they have to add on all of the extras noted above.

    *Housing Assistance does help people. It helps them have a home, go to school, find a job. “For example, a rigorous study found that among families with children, vouchers reduced housing instability (living doubled up with family or friends or homeless) by four-fifths and reduced homelessness (living in a homeless shelter or on the street) by three-quarters.”

    Quoted from this report:


    I would welcome any intelligent discussion on the above but if one wants to respond with shrieking ignorant anger, please keep your craziness to yourself. That’s not something that should be shared and that laughter you hear is directed at you, not with you.

  • LFOldTimer

    Just giving people free stuff never solved anything. Go visit any ghetto or barrio in America. Most people live off Uncle Sugar. The ghettos and barrios just grow and grow and grow.

    Just look at the City of Santa Ana. Crime off the charts. Sanctuary city. 10 people to a household. Lack of affordable housing. 40% illegals. Living on the dole.

    It just gets worse and worse and worse.

    Anybody who moves into these apartments needs to sign an enforceable contract. 8 hours of work a day. No drugs. No booze. No crime. If the contract is breached – give ’em the boot and bring somebody in who really wants to improve his or her life.

    I’m all for helping people but ONLY if they agree to help themselves.

    It’s really very easy. Only politicians make it complicated.

    • justanon

      Just giving people free stuff never solved anything. Go visit any ghetto or barrio in America. Most people live off Uncle Sugar. The ghettos and barrios just grow and grow and grow.

      Just look at the City of Santa Ana. Crime off the charts. Sanctuary city. 10 people to a household. Lack of affordable housing. 40% illegals. Living on the dole.”

      And you wonder why we call you a racist and a bigot, lol!

      • LFOldTimer

        Not ‘racist’ in the least. All economic facts.

        I empathize with those who live in ghettos or barrios.

        I want to give them the opportunity to improve their lot in life. But that isn’t done by giving away free stuff. It doesn’t help them. It hurts them.

        You would rather bury your head in the sand and allow the government to continue to keep them all in the invisible chains of slavery.

        I want them to be self-sufficient and experience freedom.

        You simply can’t handle the truth.

        You are what you project others to be. lol.

        • justanon

          “Not racist”, ha, ha, ha.

          I don’t think it’s lost on people that when you mention “Uncle Sugar” you ONLY mentioned “the ghettos and barrios”, but somehow forgot to mention all the poor whites (aka trump supporters) who benefit from government assistance.


          Oops, your white hood is showing, LOL!

          • LFOldTimer

            Didn’t you work at SSA or something and hand out freebies, Aunt Honey? ha. If so, you worked for the plantation owners and were part of the problem!!! lol.

            Ghettos and barrios are modern day government manufactured plantations. The government keeps those poor folks in invisible chains by destroying any incentive for them to become self-sufficient or to realize healthy self-esteems. And then leaders like Obama turned a blind eye in 2016 when there were nearly 900 black on black murders in the Chicago ghettos. Just repulsive.

            The liberals LOVE to keep people poor and dependent on the government teat so that they are easily controlled. If you depend upon me for your food, shelter and general sustenance I can easily control you. Ruthless dictators know this well and practice it to control population blocks in despotic nations. It’s an old technique tried and true. And it is alive and well in democratic circles today in America. Why do you think the Democrats protect indigent illiterate illegal foreigners who snuck into our country? Because they have a deep love and admiration for them??? LOL!

            Those who really care about the poor want to train them to be productive citizens and wean them from the government teat so that they can shed their invisible chains and learn the meaning of true freedom and pride.

            The ones you call “racists” are the ones who care most about the future interests of the poor.

            The real “racists” are the ones who feign compassion out of self-interest and exploit the poor to benefit their own selfish needs. Those are some of the most evil devils who walk the face of the earth. They sustain poverty and ignorance.

            To which group do you belong?

          • justanon

            Again, you are completely IGNORANT about the realities of government assistance, racist old man.

            From what right-wing fever swamp are you getting your racist and antiquated information???

            You’re obviously too LAZY and too FOSSILIZED to keep up with current information so I guess I have to spoon-feed it to you, racist old man.

            1) Most people receiving government benefits ARE WORKING!!!!

            2) TANF benefits have a lifetime cap of FIVE YEARS!!!
            (TANF Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)

            3) 40% of food stamp recipients are WHITE!!!

            4) Benefits received are MINIMAL!!!

            Food stamps are about $3 a day per person, yeah, they’re living large!

            5) Only 27% of people eligible for assistance actually get assistance because we’ve made it so god d*mned hard to get!!!

          • LFOldTimer

            You sure seem to have a lot of knowledge about welfare, although I question the stats you threw at the wall. If I bothered to do the research I suspect most would fall to the floor. But since it’s not important to me I won’t bother.

            But your interest in the subject matter is noteworthy. Did you major in EBT and Transfer Payment Programs at your institution of higher learning?

          • justanon

            Yeah, the TRUTH and FACTS aren’t important to you and interestingly, you’re stupid enough to admit it!

            Whoops, there went ANY shred of credibility you might have had, racist old man! Ha, ha, ha!!!!!

          • LFOldTimer

            Looks like I got you hot and bothered.

            My suggestion: Go stand under a cold shower for 5 minutes and recite the Lord’s Prayer.

          • justanon

            Weak, very weak, lol!

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh, you made me cry. lol.

          • justanon

            You’ve been exposed, racist old man.

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh, that hurt so so much.

            Uncle! Uncle! lol

          • justanon

            There’s nothing uglier than a racist old man … exposed,lol!!!

          • LFOldTimer

            If the cold shower and prayer doesn’t work…..run in circles and bite your tail.

          • justanon

            Aaahh, is gibberish all you’ve got left???

          • LFOldTimer

            Ending this dead-end discussion. But thanks for playing.

            God loves you.

          • justanon

            Thanks for LOSING!!!!

            Ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha!!!!!!

  • David Zenger

    $400,000 per unit? That’s just absurd.

    • Cynthia Ward

      Now David, don’t be such a negative nelly. After all, someone has to pay the lobbyists working for the housing groups.

      Seriously, are we building affordable apartments or buying them their own condos? I am all for compassion, and certainly our Veterans should be cared for. But my kids could not afford to remain here, and moved inland, where we may buy TWO of their houses (which came with considerable land) for the cost of one of these rental units! Are we auditing these projects for cost efficiencies? Or spending it because it’s Federal funding and thus seen by locals as “free” ?

      BTW-as Santa Ana finally steps up, Anaheim outdistanced all other OC cities years ago for affordable units, we do more than our fair share while others fail to bother with their regional mandated affordable units. We all need to support our Veterans and those unable to care for themselves, this is not something the upscale south county communities can exempt themselves from, let’s pull together and stop dumping the load on the few cities willing to step up.

      • David Zenger

        Yeah, but you know, I grow weary of governments and politicians burnishing their do-gooder credentials by throwing money at problems; and the more they throw the more burnishing they think they’re buying. Of course it isn’t their money and it’s not even really their problem.

        How many city council persons or County Supervisors live within two miles of a homeless person? I wonder.