Anaheim Approves Homeless Service Center

JEFF ANTENORE, Voice of OC contributing photographer

Hundreds of tents, makeshift shelters and other belongings of the homeless community line the bike trail along the Santa Ana Riverbed near Angel Stadium in Anaheim on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

The Anaheim City Council last week voted unanimously to approve a $1 a year lease for the Illumination Foundation to use a vacant historic home as a homeless service center.

The center would provide rental assistance, case management and other supportive services for the homeless.

The Illumination Foundation would be responsible for maintenance of the property, which is located at 883 South Anaheim Boulevard and is owned by the city’s Housing Authority.

Although all the invoices have yet to be counted, Community and Economic Development Director John Woodhead IV estimates the city has spent nearly $600,000 rehabilitating the home to prepare it for use.

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  • Kevin
  • Daniel Lamb

    Hi Thy,

    While I applaud the City of Anaheim’s overtures towards a solution for homelessness, I feel I need to bring something to your attention, as well as to that of other staff and supporters of this organization. I strongly urge you to review the laws restricting the political activities of government employees. The more I review this organization’s funding and operatiing model, the more I’m convinced it is essentially a criminal enterprise. And if we’ve learned anything this month, the activities of VoC do not solely constitute speech. If I were you, Thy, I would resign. While I sympathize, a tough market for journalists is no defense to state and federal crimes.

  • LFOldTimer

    More band-aid solutions that solve nothing. All it does is attract more homeless people to Anaheim to get free services. I feel sorry for the Anaheim residents. Their city is becoming ground zero for the homeless movement. The supes are doing their darnedest to move the homeless from Santa Ana to Anaheim. And it’s working. The Anaheim council is cooperating.

    • Lori Moore

      I’ve worked all my life to own a home. I bought a foreclosure home in Anaheim and rehab’d it a little at a time until now 15 years later we have a nice home for our kids. Unfortunately, the city counsel has taken away all of our rights as the tax paying residents of Anaheim. Homeless people bother you at every gas station, take out food, they ride our neighborhood in the evenings with their stolen bikes and backpacks breaking into cars, stealing from the front porch. It’s a war zone. The bleeding hearts feel so sorry for the homeless, but not my kids that have had to learn the hard way that people that don’t work, don’t want to work and are strung out on drugs can run you out of your home, and the city government helps them to do it. The feed the homeless idiots all running into one another down in that riverbed don’t care, they don’t live a block away from the encampments and all the disgusting crap that goes along with it… P.S. they don’t want to stay in shelters…shelters have rules, drug testing, etc…. guarantee you that’s not what’s living in that cesspool.

  • David Zenger

    $600,000 to rehab a house? For that money we could have paved the Karcher site and installed portable shelters, laundry and a wash house