Anaheim City Council To Consider Resignation or Removal of City Manager

THY VO, Voice of OC

Anaheim City Manager Paul Emery.

The Anaheim City Council is set to consider the resignation or removal of its city manager and the appointment of an interim city manager, according to the closed session agenda for Tuesday’s council meeting.

The agenda description, shown below, does not say which employee is being considered for removal, but does list a separate item to appoint an interim city manager.

Reached for comment late Friday afternoon, city spokesman Mike Lyster said he could not comment since the City Council has yet to take action.

According to Lyster, the items were placed on the agenda by Mayor Tom Tait, who did not immediately return a phone call Friday afternoon. Lyster said City Manager Paul Emery, who was appointed two years ago this month after serving 16 months as interim city manager, was not going to comment.

But Councilwoman Kris Murray, through an aide, said she believes Emery has demonstrated a “strong performance.”

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  • Cynthia Ward

    We know Emery is either a shill for the subsidy crowd (appointed to office on the very night of the Gate Tax Rebate back to Disney) yet a certain website and its associated Facebook page are going bonkers, as if the world will come to an end without the “strong leadership” of Emery. What planet do they live on? The only effort visibly expended by that man seems to be getting in the Mayor’s face (openly arrogant and disrespectful of the Mayor WE elected) and assigning minions to facilitate corporate welfare for the friends of his elected overlords.

    The list of Emery’s failures is long and not pretty. In my opinion he would be qualified for removal even without his aiding and abetting the Kleptocracy’s plans to lighten the City Treasury in favor of their benefactors. The latest Council meetings alone would have done it. In the Great Rainbow Flag Fiasco of 2017, ask yourself if this conversation ever took place in the CMO; “Hey, you guys remember that time last year when the City Council violated their own Municipal Code? We should probably fix that before they do it again this year.” Nope. Emery opened the agenda item in May with his mea culpa claiming he had been instructed by Council to bring back changes to the Code, which oddly enough had NOT happened in an open meeting, much less during the portion of the meeting called “Council Communications” which is where Emery and Michael Houston told the Mayor HE had to ask for items to get them on the agenda. So he seems to have been taking orders from someone behind the scenes and outside of the rules the Council’s former majority (beautiful words if ever I typed them) put into place in September 2013 when they stripped the Mayor of his agenda rights, and in doing so also restricted themselves to using ONLY Council Communications. But the point is, the City Manager admits he KNEW Council violated the law, he seems to have communicated with SOME Council members about that but left others in the dark about the fact that their votes violated the law, he was told by someone outside the accepted system to fix it and admits he believed that in some form was a request he should have honored, and then he DIDN’T DO IT. That alone should qualify him for removal. Period. But if the world wants a long list of his other misdeeds, we can go there.

    Also, if you ask anyone who attends the meetings, his entire demeanor is one of sloth and apathy. He slouches in his chair with a very arrogant and dismissive attitude, the man OOZES an air of “I don’t care, please fire me, i have a golden parachute” and it comes across as so disrespectful to anyone watching it. And this sounds petty, but it BUGS people, and I have heard this from many people, we know there is food in the back room, we know they need to eat because it is a long night, we get it, but when he goes in back, grabs food, and come back into the room still chewing and often pulling the food from his teeth with his tongue, it is far from attractive, and an insult to those of us who had to come to Council meetings WITHOUT DINNER and there are signs saying we can’t have food in that room, but he can come back with a freaking cookie in his hand? Our stomachs are rumbling and he is feeding his face. It sounds like such a small thing but it is so indicative of his arrogance about who he works for. One set of rules for him and his team…another for us.

  • LFOldTimer

    Anaheim and Santa Ana are like kissing cousins.

    • Cynthia Ward

      Please, I need to”unsee” that now.

      • LFOldTimer


        This is 2017.

        We need to adapt.

  • David Zenger

    But Councilwoman Kris Murray, through an aide, said she believes Emery has demonstrated a “strong performance.”

    It’s been a while since Anaheim has had a city manager (or public words director) who didn’t answer directly to the Smash N’ Grab Club.

    Emery is just the last in a series of appointments made to push along the kleptocracy’s fire sale agenda.

    The only reason Emery is still here is that the City Council didn’t wan’t to pay him to go away.