• Igmar Rodas

    In order to write articles, first you have to experience first hand out in the field. It’s easy to get tunnel vision from different sources as they are being interviewed. Fresh new grad from a university that doesn’t have the field experience, it’s a good start sitting on a desktop heading in the wrong direction. Best of luck Perez, you’ll need it..

    • Manuel Delgadillo

      Rodas, Good Point! A degree does not make one an expert. Another millennium venting. How many times did Claudia use Blue Code of Silence or blue line. Seriously hilarious. Actually Claudia, have you given any thought that maybe the Russians are behind this. Wake up! This is good old fashion politics.

  • Manuel Delgadillo

    It sure is nice to read an article when the person who
    writes can sit on their editorial pulpit and not know what they are talking
    about. This is very entertaining! House of Cards is fake news. This article
    states that former Chief Carlos Rojas was a target. This is the farthest from
    the truth. Here is what I believe happened to Rojas. Rojas became a politician
    instead of minding the store as police chief. Rojas first and foremost responsibility
    is the safety of the community and then to the police department. What readers
    do not know is that officers and sergeants are protected along with the higher
    rank. This included Chief Rojas. Why would Rojas with civil service protection
    (one of only in the state) leave rather than stay to fight alleged corruption
    that his claim vaguely hints at. Besides Rojas left for a better position at
    BART, he said so himself.

    According to your article Rojas has taken his first steps in
    towards a lawsuit. This may turn into a death sentence where Rojas may not be
    hired anywhere else. It must have stung to leave the Santa Ana Police
    Department by far one of the best policing agencies in the State of California.

    Let me touch the political area mentioned in your article. I
    find it very amusing that when the other politicians had the council in their
    favor it was okay and now they are crying foul. This is just good old fashion
    politics. All these councilmen at one time or another have accepted
    contributions for the Santa Ana Police Officers Association. Why is this not in your article?

    Let me just speak a bit about Santa Ana Policing Philosophy.
    The Santa Ana Police Department is at the forefront of Community Policing,
    unfortunately the gangs in the area are not. So whether the community likes it
    or not special enforcement is required. Gang members with guns are not in the
    community policing equation.

    The article states Rojas broke from the Blue Line or Blue
    Code of Silence. Which movie are you watching? Officers are held to accountable
    for their actions more today than ever before. Reference Jesus Martinez, do
    your homework.

    Let’s address the root causes of violence. The lack of a
    father figure in any culture is a problem, White, Hispanic or Black. Gangs are
    deeply rooted in Santa Ana, turf wars over drug sales and the list is endless.

    Councilman Tinejero has a very vivid imagination and now
    feels threaten. It was okay when he had the council in his favor. Tinejero did
    not complain then. The city manager Cavazos was at odds with Michelle Martinez.
    Rojas became a politician instead of taking care of the police department. The
    police officers had not gotten a raise in 8 years and staffing was suffering
    with numerous officers leaving, something unheard of at the Santa Ana Police
    Department. This is the one that takes the cake. The council cancels the ICE
    contract and overnight puts the City of Santa Ana 8 million dollars in the hole.
    Does this sound like councilmen with a good sense of business acumen? NO,
    hell no and risk federal funding for much needed programs and grants the City
    of Santa Ana desperately needs.

    In closing Claudia Perez for your “HOUSE OF CARDS” I just
    slammed you with a “ROYAL FLUSH.”

    • David Resendez

      This disjointed mishmash of incoherence refers to an opinion piece as “fake news” and then opines on what he thinks happened. The irony is lost on him, however because he is a member of the SAPOA.

  • David Resendez

    I would like to think things are going to change. However, when I hear about declared “progressive” city council candidates making a beeline for the SAPOA money, I know the influence of the SAPOA is only going to increase.

  • LFOldTimer

    Thanks for speaking up, Claudia.

    Keep in mind that if Chief Rojas voluntarily agrees to settle out of court and consents to a non-disclosure provision that it wasn’t about exposing corruption or wrongdoing on part of SA city government from the get-go. It was all about the money. Which would make Rojas part of the problem – not part of the solution. Even though you didn’t articulate that in your op-ed, I’m certain you concur.

    I have more faith in Chief Rojas than that. His utmost concern should be exposing the rot and corruption in city government – not throwing the taxpayers under the bus by taking their money and then leaving them high & dry in the dark. I’ll assume that Rojas will do the right thing. But my assumption is based upon hope – not on the ‘business as usual’ regimen we typically see play out in these scenarios.

    With time you’ll find out if Chief Rojas is your friend or foe.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    • Manuel Delgadillo

      For months Rojas had a vote of no confidence looming over his head and the SAPOA did not go through with it. Rojas became ineffective a leader in paper only!

      • LFOldTimer

        Of course he had a vote of no confidence.

        Rojas actually punished cops who got caught on film doing bad things. Afterwards the rank ‘n file supported the bad boys while throwing the one man who knew the difference between right and wrong under the bus.

        So what does that say about the general moral code of SAPD?

        You tell me.

        • Soy Yo

          LF Old Timer, as much as you comment on the articles written on this site, I’m guessing you are a close friend of Carlos Rojas. You should probably understand that several of the other commenters are affiliated with Santa Ana PD in one capacity or another and had/have first hand knowledge of Carlos and his career progression; as well as his conduct as the chief of police.

          The vote of no confidence was actually originally proposed long before the incident you continually reference in the illegal marijuana dispensary. You need to go back to some time in 2014 for that; ask him, I’m sure he will tell you the details regarding the incident that led to the originally proposed vote of no confidence. And his response when addressing the issue to his Senior Management Team? Humility and understanding for the frustration? Of course not. His response was, “Continue business as usual, they can’t do sh– to me.”

          In addition to his lack of spine as a leader in the department (Doug McGeachy really ran the department during Carlos’ time as chief) he, as mentioned by Mr. Delgadillo, became extremely political. He became the yes man to then crook-turned- city manager David Cavazos who infamously, yet very sparsely reported on, left nearly 100 officer positions vacant in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the uber-liberal deer-in-the-headlights city council. And pull the wool over their eyes he did. He created a false surplus by leaving these positions vacant, and Carlos helped him keep it under raps. Who was aware of it? The officers who were staffed 8-10 deep on weekend graveyards or day shift. Do you know what it is like policing 400k people with 8-10 cops? Especially in a city with as much crime as Santa Ana was facing with the newly passed idiotic prop 47 (nothing short of epic failure). Throw in a failure of a beat system restructuring how officers were dispatched calls and you have an epic sh– storm on your hands. Citizens were literally waiting for police for 16-18 hours for calls like vehicle burglaries or people using drugs in laundry rooms at apartment complexes. Only the most violent crimes would have officers responding immediately; for obvious reasons. Carlos did absolutely zero to try to convince his daddy Cavazos to provide some of his “surplus” to supplement staffing levels with overtime officers.

          So when you defend Carlos Rojas, understand that your little dispensary argument only goes as far as midget Rojas could throw never-skipped-a-meal Cavazos. Carlos Rojas was THE reason officers left to Anaheim, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and other agencies nobody EVER would have fled Santa Ana for under Paul Walters.

          And by the way, Claudia Perez, before you criticize the men and women who chase the boogeymen in hooded sweatshirts off the streets of Santa Ana at night, try going out on a ride along and see what they see. Do three or four of them. In other words, like my father would say to me growing up, engage your brain before you engage your mouth.

          • Manuel Delgadillo

            Soy Yo…. you are the man! Great response!