• Rose Tingle

    “Domestic violence crosses cultural, racial, ethnic, economic, gender, and political boundaries. Most victims are women. However, children, teenagers, and the elderly are also at risk. Domestic violence can occur anytime and anywhere, and can affect your workplace.”
    Also, there is a proven link between animal cruelty and domestic violence. Abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans. This why the FBI now collects data on animal cruelty crimes.

  • Jack Milliken

    Absolutely sickening that the City Admin and the DA’s office knew about this toxic relationship, knew about outbursts and fights and yet it came to this. RIP to the victims and God’s mercy on the citizens

  • LFOldTimer

    OMG. She had 3 kids too? What a nightmare!

    At the first sign of violence in the relationship Amanda should have run off and never looked back. But hindsight is always 20/20.

    There must have been overt signs that the cop had the propensity for the ultimate violent act. Did everyone around him turn a blind eye because he wore a stinking badge? What a nut job.

    Perhaps cops should take psych tests every couple years.

    What a sad, sad story.

    I pray that the kids get through this trauma and are able to live happy and productive lives as time marches on.

    Why does this stuff seem to plague Westminster government? Remember Detective Orban???

    • verifiedsane

      A totally preventable tragedy, The DA’s office had a long investigation involving domestic violence in this case….Yet since this was a criminal cop…the investigation went no where as usual http://www.ocregister.com/2017/07/20/district-attorneys-office-twice-investigated-potential-domestic-violence-between-los-alamitos-police-captain-and-westminster-city-clerk-found-dead-in-seal-beach-no-charges-were-filed/

      • LFOldTimer


        I wonder if the supervisor at the DA’s office who gave the cop a mulligan or two is feeling any guilt pangs over this?

        Oh, who am I kidding? They don’t give a %$^*.

        We don’t expect the DA’s office to solve all of our social ills. But if someone is beating their significant other repeatedly he or she needs to be held to account. Domestic abusers are like rabid dogs. They don’t get better on their own.

        I suspect had the abuser in this case not been a cop he would have been prosecuted and put into treatment.

        In this case the DA’s office failed miserably and has Amanda’s blood on their hands. A relatively young woman dead at 37 leaving behind 3 kids. Absolutely pathetic.