• verifiedsane

    Watching the Sups play political football with this issue is like watching a comedy of errors rerun…

  • David Zenger

    One wonders how this obvious policy decision was subtly handed off to staff. Or was it discussed in closed session in contravention of the Brown Act? Or was a serial meeting concocted by the CEO?

  • LagunaTri

    Doesn’t the federal government have some closed military bases? It would be more cost-efficient for all services to be provided in one place. Treat, educate, train and transition these folks back into the mainstream. I think the challenge is that most wouldn’t stay.

    • LFOldTimer

      Obviously you would never be fit for elected political office. If by some miracle you ever snuck through the cracks they’d ostracize you and cut your funding off.

      Logic and honest intelligent rational thought or discourse in political circles is the same as wearing a crucifix around your neck to a party hosted by Dracula.


  • How many homeless have families here in Orange County? I know many of the mentally ill homeless have been displaced due to the use of restraining orders in lieu of intensive patient and family support services. Also we must stop requiring homelessness, as criteria for acceptance in any Behavioral health care program, as families think throwing a person out helps qualify for more services. We must do everything possible to support families in crisis in keeping their loved ones housed.

  • Christine Richters

    Didn’t Spitzer say at his swearing in speech in 2013 that he was going to work on the homeless problem. Hmmm. Its election season again and we are hearing same ole story from him. Get some new material Spitzer and don’t lie to the voters.

    • David Zenger

      You go, girl!