• lokay5

    The fact that the San Onofre spent fuel pool is located well within the range of a shoulder-launched rocket, fired from PCH, is ludicrous.

    • Nuke Nerd

      The walls of the spent fuel facility are designed to withstand a commercial aircraft crash. A shoulder-launched rocket would not cause an spent fuel accident.

  • Nuke Nerd

    There’s so much misinformation here it’s hard to know where to start. Holtec’s 25-year warranty is adequate since 25 y/o discharged bundles are much cooler and have a much lower inventory of isotopes. Also there’s this totally baseless claim that “informed southern Californians are up in arms about the 2015 permit by the Coastal Commission allowing Edison to build a dry-storage bunker right at San Onofre” when it’s very clear that informed Ca voters are more worried about a large increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Also, if there’s plenty of makeup water available at the SONGS storage site then none of these risks are terribly high as established PRA analyses shows. The real travesty is closing down Diablo at all – it doesn’t need to happen; it will increase GH emissions, hurt the local economy, decrease the clean water available in the area by 2 million gallons a day (from Diablo desalination), fail to meet the grid demands in the surrounding area, and cost a bunch of $. Does this author even have any knowledge of nuclear plant operations or associated risks? Seems like they’re just jabbering baseless claims

    • justanon

      “The real travesty is closing down Diablo at all – it doesn’t need to happen”

      Why are you bringing up Diablo, are you conflating the two nuclear power sites? Because there was GOOD REASON to close down SONGS as the steam generators had failed and the replacements were flawed which caused leaks.

      Know your nukes:

      “Five years ago this week, the San Onofre nuclear plant closed amid billowing steam and leaking radiation.

      A $680 million steam generator replacement that was supposed to add 40 years of life to the aging plant instead brought its premature demise.”


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