Williams and Barke: Why We’re Suing the Governor to Reopen OC Schools

Our children have a constitutional right to an adequate education. That right is violated when the governor and state health officials close schools. That constitutional violation is precisely the reason the Orange County Board of Trustees has pursued a legal remedy to open schools to classroom instruction.

Aitken: Chapman University, Free Speech and Racism; How John Eastman Put the Law School at Risk

Trial Lawyer and Chairman of.the Chapman University Board of Trustees Wylie Aitken, writing as an individual, takes issue with a controversial Newsweek Oped written by Chapman University Law School Prof. John Eastman saying it has appropriately sparked discussion amongst faculty, students, and alumni regarding the limits of free speech and the appropriate response to odious and racist free speech.

Kriz: With 34 Deaths in July, Homeless Mortality Rate in OC Continues at Double the Rate of Last Year

Another 34 people died “Without Fixed Abode,” homeless, in OC in July, tying the monthly record set in May of this year. Since the beginning the COVID-19 crisis, the mortality rate among the people in this population has doubled from what it was before the crisis. Efforts to help alleviate the sufferings of those who find themselves homeless remain woefully under-dimensioned for the task at hand.