Kriz: Twenty Four People Died “Without Fixed Abode” in OC in December

Twenty four people died “without fixed abode” in OC in December, for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis like the year before. Yes, we may have been lucky. The December death toll among the homeless is almost always high in OC because of rain and we had almost none this year. Still progress in opening new homeless shelters is being made and the OC BOS may be signaling that it’s ready take-on this problem with the commitment needed to finally bring it to resolution.

Kriz: Twenty-Five People Died in OC “Without Fixed Abode” in November, Last Year There Were Nineteen

Twenty-five people died in OC “without fixed abode” in November, last year there were nineteen.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis there 247 have died OC without fixed abode, last year 139 died over the same period.  Shelters of varying quality are opening, but concerns remain regarding what if anything can be offered “after the shelter.”  Perhaps it is time to ask Washington DC for help. 

Kriz: A terrible month, 32 Homeless Dead in September, Last Year There Were 10

Thirty two people “without fixed abode,” homeless, died in Orange County in September, 2020, last year there were 10. One of those who died last month was shot by police while jaywalking, and Operation Roomkey is shutting down, sending 500 homeless back to shelters or back onto the streets. Yet in the midst of this darkness there has been some light, some discussion about next steps. What the County needs, however, is much more than a few photons of hope.

Kriz: With 34 Deaths in July, Homeless Mortality Rate in OC Continues at Double the Rate of Last Year

Another 34 people died “Without Fixed Abode,” homeless, in OC in July, tying the monthly record set in May of this year. Since the beginning the COVID-19 crisis, the mortality rate among the people in this population has doubled from what it was before the crisis. Efforts to help alleviate the sufferings of those who find themselves homeless remain woefully under-dimensioned for the task at hand.

Kriz: A Record Thirty-Four People Died “Without Fixed Abode” in OC in April 2020, Now for God’s Sake Do Something!

A record Thirty-Four people died “without fixed abode” in OC last month, April 2020, eighty percent to one hundred percent more than then the year before. What to do? Let the State use FEMA funds to simply buy the near empty hotels needed to bring everybody indoors. To yet again do nothing, or next to nothing, is morally unfathomable.