County Puts Santa Ana Councilman on Leave After Sex Allegation

Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante, who is also an executive manager with Orange County’s public works department, was put on administrative leave by the county after officials received an anonymous letter that accused him of sex acts, according to the Orange County Register.

From the Register’s story:

The leave was imposed after the county received an anonymous letter last month detailing allegations of a sexual nature against Bustamante, an executive manager overseeing Public Works’ Facilities and Fleet Services divisions.

Details of those allegations have not been made public, but several county employees have confirmed the existence of the letter.

HR Director Carl Crown would not provide a reason for the leave, saying only that “it’s a personnel matter.” Crown also declined to discuss whether the county had opened an investigation into Bustamante.

“I am not at liberty to discuss an on-going investigation; however I strongly deny the vicious and hurtful rumors surrounding my employment with the County of Orange,” Bustamante said in a statement. ” My family and I are confident that the investigation will disprove them and I am looking forward to returning to work.”



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