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  • dvdbrtsh

    Ms. Vo –

    Perhaps you actually heard Mark Lopez’s evil twin brother make statements saying that he supported turning Anaheim into a sanctuary city at the candidate forum.

    Or maybe you were in a parallel alternate universe, because Mr. Lopez just sent out a robo-call flatly denying his support for making Anaheim a Sanctuary City.

    I’ll email you a copy of the robo-call.

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  • David Zenger

    “I will put my record as a school board member and candidate against any person that is competing with me,” Brandman replied.

    I wouldn’t do that, Jordan. Feeble idea.

    And say, whatever happened to that $25,000 you took for a plagiarized, make-work report that you only turned in (late) because you got caught? Are you ever going to give that ill-gotten loot back?