Anaheim Councilwoman Denise Barnes Fined for Failing to Disclose Husband’s Income

Anaheim City Councilwoman Denise Barnes will be fined $100 by the state ethics agency for failing to disclose her husband’s income on her economic disclosure forms.

Barnes, who owns a property management company, failed to include her husband, Scott Barnes’, share of their income on her annual Form 700 forms when she filed after taking office in December 2016. This is Barnes’ first term on the Anaheim City Council.

Barnes has since amended the form to report her husband’s income from four clients, the television company Fox Sports West, Pettigrew Crewing Inc., LDM Worldwide, and the television company Disney Worldwide Services.

The ethics agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission, found no intent of wrongdoing by Barnes. The fine is pending approval by the Commission at their regular meeting on May 25.

Click here to view a copy of Barnes amended economic disclosure form.

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  • Cynthia Ward

    For those thinking the Anaheim bunch is giving anyone a free ride, this has been my first chance to comment. I have no idea where anyone else is but this was not on my radar at all. Believe it or not we don’t all sit around with Voice of OC on our screens hitting the refresh button all day.

    By any chance did y’all see this response from the FPPC, reported by Voice of OC, or just conveniently skip over it for your own hysterics?

    “The ethics agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission, found no intent of wrongdoing by Barnes.”

    Gee, someone who has never run for office before did not fill out pretty confusing forms correctly, an act even the agency fining her says doesn’t appear intentional. A human being made a mistake. Get a rope!

    Is that the fault of a brand new Council person or the professionals (City Attorney’s office? Who helps with that?) who are tasked with guiding newbies through the paperwork? God knows I needed help with my first 700s, and I still refer back to prior years to make sure I am consistent in understanding which form indicates which finances. It also looks like she corrected the oversight herself in subsequent filings, and not simply because someone “caught” her. I’m not giving her a free pass on anything, clearly the FPPC shows she didn’t do something she was expected to do, and she has been fined. That is a hard lesson to learn. But the fact that some of us did not race over to here to comment on what looks like a completely resolved non-story about someone who has never offered any indication of being anything but decent, honest, ethical, and genuinely concerned about the well being of her Council District and not here to line her pockets is not cause for hysterics. In fact, how did Voice of OC get this story? It’s not really an attention grabber in the files of the FPPC, unless whoever “outed” the newbie Council member for a mistake then followed up and tipped the media. Y’all are free to do that, and set up the headline for the hit piece on her re-election, which is what this is really all about. “Violated Political Reform Act and fined by FPPC” will be the mailer. Nobody will mention the mistake even the FPPC says doesn’t appear intentional. Nobody can show her non-disclosure benefitted anyone or that she voted for any of Scott’s employers in an abuse of her position.

    Pursuing genuine efforts at non-disclosure or obstructing the law to hide misdeeds is something we all SHOULD be taking on as citizens, because nobody else is going to watch-dog our public funds for us. So I guess I am glad someone is gong over the forms since I lacked the time to review them this year. I hope they are as diligent about their pals’ filings as they are about the opposition. I guess I need to find the time.

    The good news; something about Denise Barnes has the Kleptocracy seriously freaked out, and frankly I am thrilled at that. Whatever she is doing I hope she keeps at it. The louder the crony capitalists squeal the more we know they are hurting, and that is a very, very good thing.

    • LFOldTimer

      Yes, I imagine it must be incredibly confusing to fill out a form that likely asks for a spouse’s income and sources thereof – then forget to fill it in.

      I bet all first timers have a problem following those instructions.

      It’s probably a trick question anyway.

  • LFOldTimer

    Where are all the usual City of Anaheim commenters?

    Are they on Team Barnes??? lol.

    Imagine if this story was about Kring or Murray.

    There’d already be 20 comments. 🙂

  • LFOldTimer


    No doubt that’ll put a dent in the family budget.

    Out of curiosity I wonder how much her husband makes? Those are some big clients.

    I guess it’s not surprising that an Anaheim council person would have some indirect connection with Disney Worldwide Services. Probably just a coincidence tho. Although it will be interesting to watch how she votes on Disney related matters. Will she abstain? Who knows?

    I’m not familiar with her. Is she a liberal?

    • @Dan Chmielewski

      she is a conservative Republican; her fine is a ripple in what might be a bigger legal and ethical issue. It’s a post on TheLiberalOC

      • LFOldTimer

        Then why aren’t there any critical comments (other than mine) targeting her under the blog?

        If Murray or Kring and Brandman or some other council member hated by the left got dinged $100 like that there would be 20 scathing comments.

        It doesn’t add up.

        Isn’t she one of the 4 who give the council a new majority against the Pringleites? She sides with Tait, Moreno, etc… Correct?

        If she’s a Republican my guess is that she’s a RINO.

        Like I said – I don’t discriminate. I despise all of them.

        • Bob Brock

          She’s a Tait acolyte. She gets a pass from the regulars here.

          • LFOldTimer

            Thanks, Bob.

            I thought something was up. Generally blogs on Anaheim politics get lots of comments.

            It’s a shame that people can’t view this stuff objectively.

            That’s the reason the county and the nation are in such a mess. Everybody belongs to a political team or is stuck in a particular ideology. My team can do no wrong. lol. Sad.

            Political ties that bind suffocate reason and good judgment.