Perez: The SAPOA and Santa Ana’s House of Cards

Claudia Perez, who directs the Santa Ana-based advocacy group, Resilience Orange County, challenges Santa Ana city council members, asking whether they will allow their former police chief – who is suing the city alleging corruption – to seek his day in court or instead settle his case, hiding the true nature of political power in Santa Ana from local taxpayers.

O’Keefe: TCA Needs to Trust the Process

San Clemente resident Eva M. O’Keefe challenges the Transportation Corridor Agency to be more open and transparent about its road building plans and community meetings, calling out policies that restricted First Amendment rights of expression at a recent June forum.

Bauer: San Clemente & South County Don’t Need More Toll Roads or TCA

San Clemente resident Cord Bauer writes that taxpayers should be on watch against plans by Orange County’s toll road agency to expand roadways in South County, arguing they are an expensive policy throwback to the Eisenhower era, packed full of bad side effects for both local residents and county taxpayers.

Voice of OC brings families together through healthy communities coverage

In August 2015 Amy DePaul wrote about new approaches to helping the homeless for Voice of OC. “The approach, dubbed “housing first,” focuses on placing people a home, and then offering the psychiatric and logistical services that would help them improve their health and well-being,” DePaul wrote. Her article featured Donald Meade, a once drug-addicted man who battled cancer and chronic heart problems while living on and off in downtown Santa Ana’s Civic Center, along with hundreds of other homeless people. DePaul shared how Meade, thanks to the Illumination Foundation, had been placed in a one-bedroom apartment in Fullerton and was being aided through recovery. Flash forward to April 2017.