• sharon cody

    Thank you Rose for this beautiful piece and for your amazing work on behalf of animals over the years. The newly built county shelter will be a relief, although it will be too small to serve all 14 cities, contracting with the county, as well as the unincorporated areas, on the first day it opens it’s doors. The new facility will be an enormous improvement for housing homeless pets, but the change in attitude and actual care of the animals seems to be stuck in the ways of the 50’s in some regards. No doubt more dogs are getting adopted but for cats the story is quite grim. The majority of them end up getting picked up by a rendering service after they have been euthanized. The OCAC Live Release reports will not tell you that kittens under 8 weeks of age are routinely euthanized and many adoptable adult cats never get a chance for a new life. County is proud of their live release statistics using the Asilomar Accord method, created in 2004 as a compromise for large shelters who felt they could never get to “no kill” if they had to count kittens and pups routinely euthanized. Animals euthanized because they are, too young, are not counted, as if they never existed. How shameful. The distrust of volunteers and community animal advocates makes it nearly impossible for the county to recruit enough volunteers for a vigorous foster care program where families raise baby animals for the shelter. Sure they have a few, but what they need is at least 200 foster care providers. I know this because I have run the foster care program for the Mission Viejo shelter for over 15 years. Our shelter raises about 200 kittens a year and some are as young as one day old when they arrive at the shelter. We save all but 2% of tiny kittens and in those cases we provide critical care but sometimes it just isn’t enough. The San Clemente shelter has a wonderful foster program and so does the Irvine shelter. STOP killing kittens Orange County Animal Care! You can do it. First you need to welcome the community in to help you.

  • LFOldTimer

    “But then came the recent egregious decision by Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, to lift the ban on importing trophy hunted elephant parts from Zimbabwe and Zambia.”

    Old news. Over a week ago President Donald Trump intervened and nixed the lifting of the ban on importing elephant body parts hunted in Africa into the United States. To be fair and give justice to full disclosure – which at one time was at least a vertebrae or 2 in the backbone of American values – it’s important to note that the timely action of our President has contributed to the safety and well being of the elephants. That may be difficult for some progressives to swallow – since many love to hate our President and refuse to give credit where credit is due….what it is what it is.

    President Trump is not a hunter like Bill Clinton has been known to be.

    Proof source from the liberal New York Times:

    “In what may be one of the most curious moments of his first year in office, Mr. Trump put a sudden halt to a new federal government ruling that would have allowed hunters to bring “trophy” elephants killed in Zimbabwe into the United States, calling big-game hunting a “horror show” that he did not believe helped conservation.”