• Buzzby19491

    It’s hard to believe that any police department would re-hire police officers caught committing crimes while on the job. I’ve heard of low standards, but that’s absurd! I’ll avoid Santa Ana.

    • Dana Swart

      Not that I’m in the corner of police departments, but the Department and the City fired the officers. It was the Courts that reinstated them, the Department and City had no choice but to rehire them and appeal the Court’s decision.

      • verifiedsane

        But the department didn’t have the political clout…but you can rest assured the police union does, (follow the political contribution money!)…of course the courts are stacked full of ex-cop coddling DA’s office crooks who became pro-cop judges…the level and heights of cronyism and corruption throughout our OC courts and political oligarchy is absolutely mind boggling…

        Look at the list of Santa Ana personnel board political appointees….who backed these criminal cops getting their jobs reinstated & back pay…..you can start with the king of pedophile priest (do a web search for more info), defense attorney Eugen Andres..http://newsantaana.com/2017/06/08/why-did-the-santa-ana-personnel-board-vote-to-reinstate-sapd-police-officer-brandon-sontag/

        • LFOldTimer

          Thank you for the link. It leaves virtually no doubt that the camel has successfully shoved it’s nose under the tent. It’s not even hidden anymore. Narcotic cops are caught red-handed stealing private property under the color of authority and destroying (vandalizing) private property during the execution of a search warrant, and then reinstated to their jobs with full police powers. Given full protection by the system that allegedly sworn to protect & serve and uphold the letter of the law. Now the enforcers are allowed to be convicted thieves and vandals. lol. These are the same cops who execute search warrants on homes full of drugs and narcotic money, right?

          I realize all those in denial who wear blinders just hate to face the blatant and obvious truth…..

          but the municipal government in Santa Ana is no better – and possibly even worse, than the corrupt government in Tijuana. Where are the protesters?

          Those who can’t see that these are the symptoms of the decline and eventual collapse of a first world sovereign constitutional republic – you’ve got your eyes closed.

          God help America.

  • disqus_GE5jilM4F3

    In other words avoid Santa Ana

    • David Zenger

      Your life may depend on it.