Kriz: Ten People Died in Orange County Without Fixed Abode in September

Anita Coleman

Ten people died “Without Fixed Abode” in OC in September.

They are: Sherry DIMICHELE who died in Anaheim on Sept 3, Landon BUCHANAN who died in Anaheim on Sept 7, Neparteria BAILEY who died in Laguna Hills on Sept 13, James OKEEFE who died in Huntington Beach on Sept 13, Isidro ROJAS JR who died in Santa Ana on Sept 14, Jesse RAMIREZ.who died in Santa Ana on Sept 14, Joseph BERON who died in San Clemente on Sept 18, Liberato CABALLERO who died in Orange on Sept 26, Randolph AGUIRRE who died in La Habra on Sept 26, and Benjamin HEIN who died in Santa Ana on Sept 28.

This would be the lowest number of homeless deaths since I’ve started to report them here monthly on Voice of OC, though following August’s 19 deaths, nearly twice as many as September’s number and one of the highest number since last March.  So there could be a significant month to month fluctuation with the trend thankfully pointing down over the past year over the year previous.

At this point, we have had 142 people die “Without Fixed Abode” in OC for the year, or about 15.8/month.  At this rate, the year’s total should be about 190 compared to 244 last year.

How else are things going on the homelessness front?

Well, while it would seem that things are remain moving at a glacial pace here in OC, there does appear to be a lot going on under the surface.

It does seem to be becoming increasingly clear to public authorities across the County that hoping that this problem will just go away is an increasingly untenable position.

Residents are frustrated with the continued presence of large numbers of homeless individuals sleeping on our streets and advocates are simply not going to let the plight of those experiencing homelessness disappear from view.

The dual pressures do seem to be forcing action.

For an additional ten people, however, that action will come too late.

Fr. Dennis Kriz, OSM, Pastor St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church, Fullerton.

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