Pauly: ACC-OC EXPOSED Is Your City a Dues Paying Member?

Deborah Pauly, an elected member of the OC Republican Party and former Villa Park Councilwoman, writes about the lobbyists and consultants that are able to influence elected officials, with taxpayer dollars, all facilitated by the Association of California Cities – Orange County.

Pauly: School Bond Feeding Frenzy Taps OC Property Valuations

OC GOP Central Committee Member Deb Pauly claims taxpayers, property owners, renters and businesses are being duped by an array of school bond measures on the November ballot. The Republican Party of OC unanimously voted to oppose these measures.

Villa Park May Cut Ties to CalPERS

The city council may end its contract with the public employee pension plan and also support a state delay in increasing gasoline and diesel taxes.

Six Hot Debates to Watch This Week

Irvine looks at affordable housing for veterans while Villa Park considers ending its pension contract with CalPERs and Cypress studies more horse race dates at Los Alamitos.