Attack Ads Being Taken to New Level in Anaheim

Curt Pringle controls a PAC financing an unprecedented attack ad against Mayor Tom Tait featuring District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. Meanwhile, Tait is funding his own hit pieces.

A Flood of Campaign Cash Pouring Into Anaheim Races

Disneyland has contributed well over $200,000 to committees supporting the reelection of two incumbents. Meanwhile, unions and other progressive organizations are heavily funding the campaign to transform the city’s council election system.

Register Again Draws Fire Over Political Ad

The newspaper published an attack ad with an unflattering picture of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait after rejecting a similar ad that featured a photo of Kris Murray, the mayor’s chief opponent on City Council.

A Top Cop With Humble Roots

Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada took over the department last year after a string of fatal police shootings and a downtown riot. His reforms have been praised as crucial steps toward rebuilding trust, but some say he hasn’t done enough.