• Hugo Munoz

    Hi Thy,

    Just a small correction: Santa Ana Unified School District. He teaches at Valley High School. Thanks!


  • dvdbrtsh

    Ms Vo,

    On his Candidate’s Statement, Anaheim District 5 Council Candidate Mark Lopez indicated that he is a Deputy Chief of Staff for County Supervisor Nelson.

    Your stating that he is the Chief of Staff may inadvertently give your readers an exaggerated idea of the level of responsibility that comes with his position.

    I also came across the following article while researching the different District 5 candidates:

    The blog author accuses Mr. Lopez of the serious offense of Carpet Bagging. Would your organization be willing to investigate this claim and let the Anaheim District 5 voters know the truth?

    Thank you

  • cynthia curran

    Actually, Latinos more in Anaheim government may be a good thing. People complain about the transmigration groups in Anaheim supporting a lot of resort jobs brings in more poorer Latino immigrants. The city needs to aimed at other jobs like Irvine. As for Garden Grove its now split between the Latinos and Asians, so the argument it needs more Latinos doesn’t hold up there as much.