Controversial City Attorney Appointment Back on Anaheim Agenda

The Anaheim City Council Tuesday will consider appointing Arturo N. Fierro, the father of Councilman Jordan Brandman’s campaign manager and policy aide, as city attorney for a six-month interim period.

Council members were scheduled to vote on appointing Fierro to the permanent position at their Oct. 18 meeting, but tabled the item with no explanation.

If council members approve Fierro’s contract Tuesday, he would serve as interim city attorney from November 4, 2016 until May 4, 2017 and receive a salary of $8,100 every two weeks, or about $101,250 over the six-month period, according to a city staff report.

At least one council member, Mayor Tom Tait, said he would oppose filling the position until the new city council is sworn in after the November election.

Several members of the public also raised questions at the Oct. 18 meeting about Arturo Fierro’s relation to Brandman’s two policy aides, Daniel Fierro and his wife Felicia.

“I’m having a hard time believing that of the entire applicant pool for city attorney that the father of Brandman’s campaign manager was the best applicant,” said Sandra Angel, a resident who is also running for the District 5 city council seat.

Brandman, meanwhile, has said that Fierro was selected for no other reason than his 26 years of experience a municipal attorney.

Tait also expressed concern with the fact that Fierro was representing a client who is suing the city of Anaheim for a personal injury when the council was considering his appointment.

That case was assigned a new attorney, Fierro’s former colleague Jimmy Gutierrez, on Oct. 18, according to court records.

Fierro is the former assistant city attorney in the City of Chino, where he was legal counsel to the planning commission. He has also served as a contract city attorney for the cities of Coachella in Riverside County and Cudahy in Los Angeles County.

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  • Paul Lucas

    This shouldnt be done until after the new council is sworn in. Too much controversy surrounding the conflicts of interest.

    • David Zenger

      “Brandman said the city has “too many pressing issues” to leave the position vacant.”

      And that was on October 17. Now there would be ZERO meetings between the appointment and the election – five working days, in fact, to get all those “pressing issues” taken care of. Does anything that isn’t a self-serving fraud ever emanate from this creep?

  • David Zenger

    Coachella? Population 50,000.

    Cudahy? Population 24,000.

    Assistant Attorney in…Chino? Population 80,000 – getting closer.

    Of course after the previous exercise in KleptoLaw® Anaheim couldn’t do any worse. But isure could do a lot better.

  • RyanCantor

    “Brandman, meanwhile, has said that Fierro was selected for no other reason than his 26 years of experience a municipal attorney.”

    Other things Brandman has said . . .

    I wrote that report the taxpayers paid $25,000 for. <– Actually copied large chunks from wikipedia

    The Angels will leave Anaheim if we don't give them $360,000,000 worth of land. <– Angels didn't leave

    Massive hundred-million-dollar-giveaways to my campaign donors to build four diamond hotels are necessary to secure Anaheim's future <– No, they aren't.

    And my personal favorite . . .

    I opposed district elections before I was for district elections, and I oppose them now even though I said I was for them yesterday. <– Yeah, that's about true actually.

    So why does ANYONE believe ANYTHING this guy says?