• westminster_guy

    So… was this just a desperate election year ploy or is there something coming out of these allegations?

  • Tommy Luong

    I am glad that OC Voice is reporting activities to the public. Though these are serious allegations, I’ll wait until the DA complete its investigation before passing judgement.

    Please Vote Tommy Luong for Westminster City Council 2016!!!

  • Roderick Powell

    I believe this makes clear that Viet politicians even at the local level have a big payoff. Remember Andy Quach and his $80,000 car…anyone think he got that money from some “real job”? City council pays big if you are Viet…it seems.

    • Tommy Luong

      I don’t think he’s currently employed. When he was councilman, he was a “business consultant”in the adjacent city. I heard he’s trying to make a comeback, but not sure.

  • Paul Lucas

    Lotta stuff like this i lil saigon poltics

  • kburgoyne

    Can’t really say I’m sure, but Ta always impressed me as being in this in order to try and promote his own political future and not for the city. Rice is aging, but she’s been long devoted to the city and has demonstrated she’s not in this to move up the political ladder.

  • Jacki Livingston

    He looks into that, but ignores racketeering by Spritzer. Nice.

    • Rivett

      Please, no one is looking into anything.