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  • Matt

    Why does the Rancho Santiago Community College District get a pass? Expose their corruption!

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  • Cynthia Ward

    Not enough that their pals at Disney are paying for their campaign materials, now Council member Murray uses the PUBLIC FORUM of a PUBLIC MEETING to campaign for her pals. When do they understand this City is NOT their plaything to be used as they wish?

    • RyanCantor

      I dunno. I think Anaheim absolutely is Kris Murray’s plaything.

      She shows up and plays SimCity whenever she wants. What else are we supposed to think?

      • Philmore

        Isn’t her version called SkimCity ? lol.

  • John Claxton

    Oh look – another possible double dipper – BOS Shawn Nelson’s deputy chief of staff. That’s all we need is another full- time county employee spending his day making his $200k with the county but doing business for the City of Anaheim (oh and getting his council salary and retirement on top of this). Uh, no thanks. This would be the same as the stunt Todd Spitzer just pulled by getting the BOS to pay an Irvine councilman $200k to be his chief of staff – his only staff really since he can’t keep anyone else). These double dipping benefits add up quickly and these men will be living high off the tax payer Hogg after a few years. No thank you Mark Lopez.

    • Cynthia Ward

      So you are saying it is impossible to hold a FT job and hold a PT elected office? How is it that many in the private sector make ends meet working two jobs and nobody thinks twice, but when someone on the public payroll takes a part time gig after work they are accused of “double dipping?” If we catch Lopez at a City function while clocked in to Shawn Nelson’s time clock, I promise even those of us supporting him will kick his butt. But until you have some proof that it is impossible to hold a second position after work, this is a false argument.

      • John Claxton

        Thats not what I am saying. I am saying the county has a long history of allowing people to earn hefty salaries when they are not at work. Also because of the “rigged” system, for every year he works full time and this “part-time” job he earns two years of service credits in OCERS – both being calculated at the Counties much higher contribution rate. Again, we all know the BOS and their EA’s are hardly where they are supposed to be. Having you available to police the situation makes me feel a little better but it’s not in the tax payers best interest.

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  • Wavedup

    What I see here is white supremacy!

  • Paul Lucas

    I take away two things: A) Anaheim needs more stringent disclosure rules and B) Natiivo Lopez and his Hermandad Mexicana needs to be disregarded by the Latino Community. Additionally, Rep Sanchez, and Rep Correa (pending) have both broken Democratic party Rules by both endorsing Jordan Brandman and Ms Lobato against the DPOC by laws and should be censured by the DPOC as a result.

  • RyanCantor

    That’s it?

    I don’t know what’s worse . . .

    1) Disney blatantly buying an election


    2) Anaheim voters willing to be so cheap

    Have a little pride, Anaheim. You’ve provided almost a billion dollars to Disney and the resort area in tax deferments and rebates in the last four years. You’d think that you’d want more than 1% back in political ads.

    • David Zenger

      What’s worse than buying an election is buying it with taxpayer’s money.

      New motto on the city seal:

      Anaheim: We’re A Cheap Date.

  • mutheta

    I read an article on another blog yesterday about the corrupt Rancho Community College District. It’s the same players who are orchestrating this charade all over the county. There is Brandman who retained a company called Crummitt and Associates to serve as his treasurer for his run for Congress. Crummitt put out mailers supporting the bad news incumbents on the Rancho board and then there is George Urch who appears on disclosure forms along side Crummitt and is helping the campaigns of the ethically challenged Rancho incumbents. Crummitt appears to be a serial FPPC violator.

  • kburgoyne

    There is a serious problem when any major fictitious legal entity (aka corporation) is able to spend what amounts to petty cash in order to buy up governments. If $1M actually “hurt” Disney significantly, that would still be a concern but far less of one. When $1M is only petty cash to a major fictitious legal entity like Disney, it becomes a truly serious concern.

    This is not only unfair to actual non-fictitious citizens, but also unfair to small business owners who don’t even make $1M in revenue, never mind profit, during a year. So while major fictitious legal entities can then dictate what will be imposed upon non-fictitious citizens, the major fictitious legal entities can also engage in crony capitalism to destroy any smaller businesses that might be non-advantageous to the major fictitious legal entity.

    There are indications Disney is planning an expansion of its resort hotels in the semi-near future. With Disneyland’s occupancy limit already maxed-out on a regular basis, and Star Wars Land having some, but not a major, impact upon that, is there actually a shortage of hotel rooms in and around the Disneyland Resort? It seems more likely Disney is out to steal hotel business from other hotels.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with that if Disney does it based on a capitalism level playing field. However this concept of offering socialist support to defray hotel expansion costs tilts the capitalism playing field in favor of the major fictitious legal entities which corrupt Anaheim government, and against hotels which have already been in existence for decades.

    The major fictitious legal entity will play the “new jobs” game for public consumption, but who has ever actually proven that over time? Given what seems likely to be an existing saturation of hotel rooms in the area, it seems highly likely the new hotel destroys jobs at older hotels instead of actually creating any new jobs.

  • Cynthia Ward

    The Register article noted that Anaheim agreed to pay for up to $200 million in infrastructure improvements for California Adventure, which Disney opened in early 2001.

    That overall bond issue of 1997 added up to $500MM and included the Mickey and Friends parking structure, 100% funded by Anaheim taxpayers and 100% revenue collection by Disney. When we pay off the ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS in final bonds in 2037, we then SIGN OVER the parking garage to Disney without further consideration. Sounds like a pretty good return on investment. Crony capitalism kick backs to the variety of Resort interests now siphon roughly ONE THIRD of our General Fund back to the Resort. So when you get those glossy mailers saying the Resort funds one half of revenues, SUBTRACT what they get back. In the case of Disney, the hotel incentive ($200MM) and the gate tax rebate (incalculable benefit) WERE ALREADY PAID FOR in the 1996 agreement that launched the 1997 bonds. So taxpayers have now subsidized Disney TWICE for the SAME projects. Yeah, that seems worth dumping another million into the political stew pot. What is terrifying is this:

    Disney has already strafed the taxpayers of Anaheim for every project I can think of. If they are still spending at this out of control level WHAT MORE CAN THEY WANT IN THE FUTURE? They don’t seem to care about their “brand” being HATED in many areas of our City. Some (like my family) who had BEEN very hard core Disney fanatics and vocal supporters have so completely soured on the corporate giant that is destroying Anaheim’s ability to fund sidewalk repair and put grass seed in our parks, that we will not give Disney a NICKEL anymore. No Disney princess stuff for my grand-daughter, not from us. Disney doesn’t care, we are not their customer anymore, they want the wealthy foreign travelers and their money. Anaheim is simply the donor host they feed off of at this point. And their chosen candidates have to be shoved down the throats of unsuspecting voters by the force of weight from mailers. WHY does Disney want to put their own name on these mailers? My parents always said if I am doing something I won’t put my name on, I shouldn’t be doing it. What is the harm in telling the voters that Disney is backing these candidates and let the voters decide? because even Disney knows they have so completely overstepped that the public they are fleecing now sees through them. ENOUGH!!!!

    • John Claxton

      Thanks for all the info. Never knew this about the parking structure! What a scam! We got the bill but they collect and keep the millions in revenue from the structure. I freaking believable! Is Disney going to use the new parking structure they are building at the Convention Center?

      • Cynthia Ward

        Oh John, you will LOVE the parking story. In addition to building Disney a parking garage they make the profit on, and then signing it over to them once it is paid off, there is yet another, unspoken subsidy for parking. The 1996 Agreements show Disney and Anaheim agreed to a “shared parking” deal, using Disney’s flat, ground level lots, to accommodate Convention Center parking with the idea that the Convention Center is used during “off peak” times when Disney is less busy. Of course 20 years later Disney HAS NO “off peak” times, there is simply busy and busier. But in the ’96 Finance Agreement, they agreed that Disney would have exclusive use of their ground lot spaces for 20 days of the year, for “peak” capacity, and the remaining 345 days a year Disney owes Anaheim 1,000 parking spaces per day PLUS 75% of the revenue on those spaces. Now how often do you think we GET those spaces and that revenue? Anaheim has the right to audit the spaces and funds, but when I ordered the audits through CPRA, it was obvious they don’t CHECK to see what we get. The audit only confirms that what Disney turns over for collected funds matches what was collected. But nobody checks to make sure we get those 345,000 spaces and their associated revenues every year. I actually have an email between a City staffer and the auditor in which it is admitted they have not read the document showing what is agreed to. Do the calculations. 75% of $15 per space per car coming in for a Convention Center event, times 345,000 spaces per year. AND THE CONVENTION, SPORTS, AND ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT CANNOT SHOW THEY KNOW THEY COLLECT THAT MONEY AND/OR GET TO USE THE SPACES OWED TO US. There were also emails in the file complaining that Disney shuts down the parking spaces earlier than they should and saves the spaces for their own patrons. So Convention Center patrons pulling in are told sorry we are now pushing you down to Garden walk or the Stadium and then shuttling you BACK to the Convention Center. So drivers fib and say they are going to Disney and pay a couple more dollars for the Disney lot, and then head for the Convention Center, so we lose 100% of that revenue, OR they go dutifully to the Gardenwalk or Stadium. but since those entities DO NOT OWE ANAHEIM 345,000 spaces per year, we PAY for those spaces for our patrons. This was especially cozy when Disney owned the Angels, because if they sent cars to the Stadium lot they could collect the parking revenue they just talked the Council into giving THEM, instead of providing the parking spaces they owed US. Some at Disney may be evil, but they are not stupid. Sadly, City staff has FAILED in their duty to review these contracts and ensure that the taxpayers are getting the MINIMAL benefits we are entitled to. I have brought this us at Council and I get blank stares from them.

  • David Zenger

    Let’s be perfectly clear here. Disney IS NOT paying for any of this. The people of Anaheim are.

    OUR public wealth is being funneled into Disney’s greasy pockets by Brandman, Kring and Murray; a tiny amount is coming back out and being laundered through all sorts of slimy IEs and assorted other bag men. But it’s money Disney looted from us.

    • Cynthia Ward