• Tony Flores

    I must have missed your phone call on this Thy. Hope all is well.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Well, as a resident in part of the east village, with family farming dating back to the late 20s until opa was lied to in order to take our land in the after war land grabs …

    And after enduring decades of doodoo, such as cops that were kkk, or a chief that embezzled, bought race horses and became mayor to shred evidence … to our more recent past that turned the tide, I can tell you my besinos, my Nachbarschaft, just want representation, with integrity.

    Kim’s map. Hmmm. Still question who actually did it. WikiLeaks exposed the DNC software and the whole distracting district agenda they called for. Her campaign guy is an operative. My conversations with him at community meetings felt like I was talking to the shifty eyed shady guys at Santa Anita. Just saying. Is GG simply being used for trickle down gerrymandering? Area 6 never changed in the process by much but our friends and neighbors in central GG were royally shafted, sliced and diced and torn apart from their historical community unities. One does wonder if we are just being used as a political career springboard. No bueno.

    Rickk has been active in the community for some time. He has come to our meetings, heard our concerns. For whatever reasons, Claudio and Kim did not make them. Rickk didn’t just happen to move back to be part of the opportunity party. Not happy, I, about the lawsuit but in retrospect, our council sat on their hands with that. Bigger fish were frying at the time. The whole nepotism fiasco. And other crucial matters. One can only do so much. Understood. Rickk is our neighborhood choice at Old Orange Grove in East GG.

    All in all, we.shall.overcome. All politicos should know that the voters are getting more savvy, less tolerant, of being used. Pitchforks at the ready.

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  • yati

    I see that the qualifications for the job is to be unqualified with zero experience.

  • David Zenger

    “Montoya, meanwhile, has been criticized for deciding to file a lawsuit against the city rather than pushing for district elections through other, less costly channels.”

    How come city councils are never to blame for wasting money by digging in, stonewalling, obfuscating?

    In Anaheim, KringCo® wasted over $2,000,000 fighting the inevitable. Now the Kleptocracy® is trying to blame Moreno and Ferreras for the Kleptos® own mis-use of public money to oppose better representation for everybody in Anaheim.

    • Rivett

      Precisely, no one who’s ever tried to get a city to do something would make such a laughable criticism.

      Nguyen doesn’t say anything, hasn’t done anything, and is endorsed by all the wrong people including sea mammal Chimplewski. I know next to nothing about Montoya but the more I hear about his opponent, the more I like him.

      • David Zenger

        Yeah. There’s nothing wrong with being a candidate at 25 so long as you have something to offer – other than your own promotion. Being a Lou Correa creature speaks volumes.

        But then Montoya was issuing press releases referring to himself in the third person – ALWAYS a bad sign.

        “sea mammal Chimplewski”

        That’s not fair. To sea mammals.