Voice of OC is Your Local & Nonpartisan News Agency Holding Officials Accountable

We are all so busy these days keeping up with everything. Especially now during Coronavirus. Mowing the lawn, washing the car and making dinner are all mixed in now with video calls, work and studying at home and connecting with family. It would sure be nice to have a personal service that examined your city’s agendas and held your elected officials accountable. And that news agency is Voice of OC.

Voice of OC Exists to Protect Your Quality of Life

Voice of OC was started a decade ago on the simple idea (that some called crazy) to protect the community’s quality of life through solid reporting on local government. And now we have more than 1,000 individual donors who have stepped up to support our mission. Other news sites focus on delivering audiences to advertisers. Whereas our simple nonprofit model lets us focus on why we all got into journalism: to focus on reporting nonpartisan truth-seeking stories that ultimately lead to stronger communities. Please join us today.