• cynthia curran

    I’m surprise because Pringle supported hotel jobs that hire Latino immigrants the most as maids and low skilled cooks. Maybe, he just wanted their cheap labor and not have them vote. Beats me.

  • Paul Lucas

    Special Electins and midterm elections are the playground for Republicans. Low turn out overall but high turn out for Republicans. REPUBLICANS HATE CRONY CAPTALISM

  • mike

    I hope these hotel builders leave and then the city can sit on aging and empty lands with little to no tax money coming in.
    Maybe people will prefer places like the old motels on Katella where the police is constantly being called in for violence, prostitution and drug.
    Some people don’t know what’s good for them.

    • Cynthia Ward

      Mike, you are generally very knowledgable regarding the Resort, but in this case I would present an alternative viewpoint. The hotels are not going anywhere, because Disney is not going anywhere. So it is foolish to compare Anaheim, with a built in draw of over 20MM visitors a year coming to a fixed and permanent attraction, to the cities like Los Angeles and San Diego that we are supposedly competing with. They need to make themselves more attractive for lack of built in attraction. We don’t.

      Yet the elected leaders insult our intelligence claiming we need to subsidize hotels to attract them, while they dismiss the value of the “subsidy” the tourism industry already receives in the expanded offerings at Disney that taxpayers ALREADY subsidize, with 27% of our General Fund this budget cycle, a number that is GROWING with each year until 2037 when it jumps to over $120MM. Taxpayers “invested” ONE AND A HALF BILLION in the expansion of DCA, DTDD, and Grand Californian Resort, while Disney invested ONE BILLION in the same expansion. The return on investment for Disney has been 100% of profits, as it should be for the business taking the risk. But where is the return on investment for the taxpayer? We forfeit 100% of TOT from the hotels, sales tax from shopping and meals, and all the property tax increase from turning the world’s coolest parking lot into a 2nd theme park back in 2000-2001. Our payoff was to be the increased revenue generated by the non-Disney hotels generating TOT we get to KEEP 80% of (after the 20% to bonds) and then of course 911 removed any incentive for travelers to see Anaheim, and just as we recovered from that horror (economists say it took until 2006) we had a couple decent years when the collapse of 2008 took out the economy. THAT is why no new hotels were built and THAT is why taxpayers keep paying the bonds to fund Disney’s parking garage and expansion and yet we get little in return. About 2013 the economy turned the corner and hoteliers began investing in Anaheim again, and records show that is the year Paul Sanford began meeting with Community Development staff to rebuild the Wincome hotels. Instead of rejoicing that we were finally going to get the return on our investment, City Hall chucked reason out the window, removed the requirement for developers to show a NEED for subsidy, and simply OFFERED all hotels a blanket 70% of their TOT to pocket instead of putting it into the General Fund to meet the rising needs of Anaheim. Just to maintain the already inadequate service levels of our crumbling city will take more money each year as our costs rise, but we won’t have the money to meet those needs, because what was anticipated to cover those bills has been handed over to the campaign donors of elected officials. For years we have been told our payoff is coming, we will fix the sidewalks and repave streets and make Anaheim the “City of Beautiful Parks” again…and now when we can SEE the potential for that revenue it has been gifted to the special interests that already enjoy 27% (and climbing) of our General Fund in taxpayer funded subsidy! ARGH!

      So Mike, while you clearly know a great deal about the Resort, indeed I am sometimes gobsmacked at your knowledge of Resort logistics, I am afraid you misunderstand the economics behind the funding of the Resort or the reasons that the public investing in the Resort feels we have been shafted. There is good reason for taxpayers to be angry.

  • David Zenger

    “Brandman said Anaheim has built more affordable housing over the last decade than all other Orange County cities combined. He said he would support building even more”

    Maybe that’s because Jamboree Housing and AMCAL are still Curt Pringle clients? Just a wild guess.

    And any boob who defends paying for asphalt slurry with borrowed money is twice a damn fool – once for doing it and again for trying to explain it away instead of apologizing.