• Philmore

    2017 – A Year of Upheaval in Anaheim
    2016 – A Year of Upheaval in Anaheim
    2015 – A Year of Upheaval in Anaheim
    2014 – A Year of Upheaval in Anaheim
    I have no interest in front row NASCAR seats to pick (or have EMTs pick) car parts out of my scalp, but ain’t it great to have Anaheim and the County both supply daily doses of the politically equivalent “experience” ? All “Included free with your (Property Tax) Admission “, no less !

  • LagunaTri

    Tait’s aide won’t “reach that $160k threshold because she refuses health care benefits.” Sure she won’t. Directly from a City job posting: “Employees may waive medical coverage and receive an opt-out credit.” It used to be that people took government jobs at lower wages in exchange for decent benefits. Now, government wages are often higher than private sector AND they get Cadillac benefits not seen anywhere, with the exception of politicians. Wait for the local agency bankruptcies, they’re coming. You can’t pay a retiree 85% of their salary, beginning at 55, and lifetime medical, and pay someone else to do the job; it just doesn’t pencil out. But that never stopped politicians from making promises to unions, rather than being responsible to their constituents.

  • Cynthia Ward

    Anaheim’s new majority is answering the clearly stated demand by citizens who wanted change. Go out and talk to folks, door to door, and hear their frustration at being told Anaheim can prosper only when public funds are sifted through the friends and campaign donors of elected officials before our dollars trickle down to become “revenue” for the General Fund. Anaheim’s new mindset required City staff to buy into a pro-neighborhood approach to prosperity. Those who could not, or would not, shift their goals have left the building. Others who acted as cogs in a machine that prevented change have been asked to leave. This is a healthy change to the dynamic of City Hall, and anyone who thinks Anaheim is harmed by temporary vacancies underestimates the competence of our (remaining) staff. This is an opportunity to bring in the professionals eager to commit their careers to innovative thinking, rather than propping up the status quo as a now-subsidized anchor preventing us from adapting to a new, as-yet-unknown economy.

    Anaheim was built by pioneers who saw opportunity where the prior occupant of the barren land saw defeat, and using new governing systems, those Victorian-era investors enjoyed the gains that paid off for their risks. Anaheim thrived from the very beginning by thinking outside the box. 100 years later Anaheim welcomed the untried pipe dreams of an eccentric cartoonist,whose ambitions had been turned away by other cities, because Anaheim is all about seeing potential in passionate people. We lost our way for a few decades, using public funds to underwrite the private losses of those risk-adverse corporations who don’t “get” how Anaheim works best. I believe that spirit is ready for renewal, just in time for the world economy to shift into a new focus, and City Hall needs to be ready for this brave new world. Let’s bring in those who see the opportunity that once represented, “The Anaheim Way.” We need staff actively seeking ways to support entrepreneurial vision, and invest in the civic upkeep that maintains property values, quality of life, and a thriving commercial base drawing home buyers and business patrons into a city we can be proud of, even outside the revered Resort. OK, end of soap box.

    There is drama for the sake of personal and political gain, which defined the first 6 years of this civic administration, and then there is drama that results from the desperately needed change that positions Anaheim to look forward. Anaheim will survive the temporary drama we are experiencing, and I trust it will be ended quickly, as our leaders fill those vacancies with the right people. Here’s to a new future in 2018. Happy New Year to you all.

  • David Resendez

    Replacing DINO Jordan Brandman with Moreno was huge. Jordan still hasn’t found a real job (the Wikipedia report for the assessor doesn’t count), but Pringle and his crew will land poor Jordan a job somewhere.

    • Philmore

      A Pringle – supplied taxpayer paid (even indirectly) position is not and never will be a “real” job !

      Perhaps he could investigate opportunities as a film critic, given his (sadly) indelibly memory etched contribution to that variance hearing for the Anaheim Hills cinema on La Palma-
      …..I’m very familiar with it..spent lots of time there. Why I could recite any line from any film I saw there …. go ahead, ask me ! …..