Harrington: The Time is Now to Protect Our School Children

Dave Harrington, a 29 year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff's Department and Mayor of Aliso Viejo writes that the time is now to implement measures to protect school children from active shooters on school grounds. Harrington is also a candidate for Orange County Sheriff.

Ten North Orange County Police Chiefs and Senator Josh Newman Discuss Regional Plan to Address Homelessness, Public Safety

Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) today was joined by law enforcement leaders from ten North Orange County cities to publicly launch the North Orange County Public Safety Task Force.  Senator Newman and the ten law enforcement leaders discussed public safety specifically as it relates to developing gang activity, the homeless crisis, and proposed regional solutions to both.

Kwon, Stewart and Baran: Irvine Residents Support Responsible Growth

Organizers with Irvine For Responsible Growth write that they deserve to have an open and transparent debate over the future of development in Irvine and call out a series of deceptive tactics aimed at criticizing and stopping their ballot initiative.